The meal packs will be distributed by volunteers every night during the Holy Month

The UAE Community Development Authority’s (CDA) Youth Council will distribute meal packs to 32,000 workers in Dubai and Umm Al Quwain during Ramadan this year.

The ‘Their Suhoor On Us’ initiative returns for its second year, after volunteers successfully handed out over 53,000 meals last year, smashing their initial target of 20,000. The CDA expects to eclipse that number again this year as well.

The 1.1kg meal pack will comprise of a complete Suhoor meal: a main course and a dessert, as well as fruit, dates, laban and water. Extras such as Karak tea and popcorn will also be included to provide variety.

Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal, traditionally eaten before the morning fajr prayer, and signifies the beginning of the day’s fast.

The main distribution site will be located at Abdulrahim Ktait Mosque in Al Quoz, with meals being handed out from 10pm to around 11.30pm each night during the Holy Month. Additional locations will be set up at six other mosques in Deira and Bur Dubai.

A senior official at the CDA told The Khaleej Times that the reason they decided to go with Suhoor meals rather than Iftar is because there are already many other initiatives that focus on the traditional breaking of the day’s fast. Focusing instead on Suhoor allows the volunteers to “fill the gap” and remind people that it is still just as important a meal.

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