It’s never too early for travel inspiration…

Holiday season is a state of mind and has nothing to do with whether we actually have holidays or not. Which is why every time is the right time for travel inspiration. If you’re looking to grab a flight and jet away to picturesque locations very soon, this guide to some of the cheapest flights you can book this season may be helpful. Whether for the a weekend trip or a cheeky mid-month getaway – it’s your choice.

Here are 7 cheap flights you can book for your next getaway.

To Bishkek on Wizz Air: from Dhs458


Wizz Air stays providing unbelievably cheap deals on flights to beautiful destinations and this flight to Bishkek will cost you only Dhs458 for a round trip from Abu Dhabi if you book for the month of May. They remain cheaper still in June, with the rates persisting. The stunning capital of Kyrgyzstan is a bucket-list destination for sure, with loads of culture, history and natural beauty to soak up. 

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To Samarkand on Wizz Air: from Dhs298


If this isn’t a deal, we don’t know what is. You can fly to Samarkand and back for as little as Dhs298 if you plan your trip in May. The rates remain cheap in June as well, with the prices persisting. The beautiful city in Uzbekistan has much to see, with mosques, mausoleums and a lot of history. Prominent landmarks include the Registan, a plaza bordered by 3 ornate, majolica-covered madrassas dating to the 15th and 17th centuries, and Gur-e-Amir, the towering tomb of Timur (Tamerlane), founder of the Timurid Empire.

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To Ankara on Wizz Air: from Dhs338


Another sweet Wizz Air deal – book a roundtrip to Ankara and pay only Dhs338 in the month of May, towards the end. The flight originates from Abu Dhabi and will take you swiftly to the Turkish city. If you’re looking to travel to Ankara soon, May is the best time to do for the most economical fairs,  as well as June, as the great deal continues into the next month as well.

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To Baku on Wizz Air: from Dhs418

Bank Baku for April and May, for Wizz Air fares for the heart of Azerbaijan are taking a steep drop in the upcoming month. If you book now to fly in the rest of the month or May, you can get a round trip for as little as Dhs418. May stays the same at under Dhs500, so if May is your month, you’re still getting a bang for your buck. Baku is not just the capital, but also the commercial hub of the country, and a great place to start exploring the region.

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To Kutaisi on Wizz Air: from Dhs338

Georgia has fast become a hotspot for UAE residents to vacation at. What with the short travel time, generally cheap flights and local costs that won’t break your bank, it’s essentially the perfect quick getaway. And it is stunning after all. If you book to fly in May, you can fly a roundtrip for as little as Dhs378, with these incredible fares falling towards the end of the month. Further in June, it gets cheaper to Dhs338.

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To Sohag on Wizz Air: from Dhs338


This Egyptian city is a hotspot for history and culture, and is the perfect place for the adventurous traveller Known for a number of coptic monuments and landmarks from ancient Egypt, this is one place to visit if you like to explore and learn. If you fly with Wizz Air, you can get fares as less as Dhs338 for a roundtrip in the month of May. This is the golden month, so book now. In June, still cheaper at Dhs378.

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To Yerevan on Wizz Air: from Dhs338


The Armenian capital beckons. If you book your trip to Yerevan for the month of June, you’ll get the best deal at Dhs338 for a roundtrip. May is a bit more expensive, at Dhs418, so holding off till June might be best. Either way it’s a great deal and Yerevan is beautiful, marked by grand Soviet-era architecture.

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