Take note if you’re catching a flight…

If you’re planning to travel this week, both Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Emirates have issued travel advisories ahead of the forecast heavy rain.

On X, DXB advised passengers to check the status of their flight with their airline, to ensure it is still operating. Passengers are also advised to leave ample time to reach the airport, taking into account that there may be delays on the roads due to the bad weather. To aid with travel to and from the airport, Dubai Metro timings will be extended on both Wednesday May 1 and Thursday May 2.

The Dubai Metro (Red Line) will extend its working hours on May 1 and 2 from 12am (midnight) until 5am. Do note, the trains will only stop at these stations: Centrepoint Station, Emirates Airline Station, Airport Station Terminal 1, Airport Station Terminal 3, and GGICO Station.

Taxis at GGICO and Centrepoint station will transport passengers to their final destination after they leave the metro station.

Emirates also shared its own travel advisory to passengers travelling from DXB on Thursday, recommending that outbound passengers leave extra time to reach the airport and use the Dubai Metro where possible.

During the worst rain on UAE record on April 16, some 2,155 flights were cancelled and a further 115 were diverted in the days that followed, causing major disruption to operations of both DXB and Emirates. Although heavy rain and thunder is forecast on Thursday May 2, the NCEMA has reiterated that the upcoming weather conditions will be milder than the weather experienced in April.

Image: Getty