Do it enough times and it’ll be confiscated for a month, too

Not everyone in Abu Dhabi owns a jet ski. But clearly there are enough of you out there doing it wrong that Abu Dhabi’s Department of Tourism (DOT) decided to issue the following warning on social media:

That’s right, if you’re caught zipping about on your personal water-motorbike within 200 metres of a beach in Abu Dhabi, you’ll be in for a hefty fine and potential impounding.

No official reason was given for why you need to keep your jet ski a safe distance from the shoreline, but we suspect it probably has something to do with precisely that; safety.

The first offence will net you a Dhs500 fine, with a subsequent second penalty amounting to Dhs1,000.

If you’re caught doing it a third time (and by this point you should really know better), you’ll be subject to a Dhs2,000 and have your jet ski impounded for one month.

In which case, you’ll be left standing on the shore in a damp life jacket and sunglasses feeling a bit daft. Not a good look, bro.

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Image: Getty