Under 18s are prohibited from entering Ramadan tents where shisha is served after 9pm…

As stricter regulations are put into place this year for Ramadan tents, the Dubai Municipality has advised that tent management have the right to request proof of ID from iftar goers. This is to ensure that no under 18s are granted entry to Ramadan tents after 9pm where shisha is being served.

It’s official: No shisha allowed during iftar at Ramadan tents in Dubai

While most Ramadan tents cannot serve shisha, The Health & Safety Department at Dubai Municipality has approved 20 permits for Ramadan tents and halls to serve shisha after 9pm during Ramadan.

According to Gulf News, Redha Salman, director of Health and Safety Department at Dubai Municipality outlined that “The owners of the tents should completely separate the smokers’ area from that of non-smokers’ or prevent smoking and the provision of shisha until 9pm”.

“After that, smoking and offering shisha is allowed, provided there is no presence of pregnant women and children under the age of 18,” he added via a press release.

Other than the tents with Ramadan permits and restaurants and cafes with regular permits, no other venues are allowed to serve shisha during iftar.

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