Considering getting a dog? Head to a local shelter and fall in love with one of these gorgeous pups…

If you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your family, it’s always best to adhere to the ‘adopt don’t shop’ mantra.

The UAE’s hard-working shelters and rescue centers are filled with countless dogs and puppies that need homes – either permanent or temporarily – particularly now that the summer months have kicked in.

Three of the country’s top organisations are K9 Friends, SNIFF and Stray Dogs Centre UAQ, and each of them offer fantastic assistance in helping animal lovers connect with the pet that’s right for them.

Remember, whether adopting or fostering it’s important to find a dog that suits your lifestyle. Volunteers and organisers at each shelter can answer questions and share their thoughts about a particular pup’s personality, after all, they know them best.

If you’re not able to commit long-term, opening up your home for a month or two to foster a dog can be a great way to give them a respite from kennel life and a chance for you to maybe fall a little bit in love.

Here are 22 dogs and puppies available for adoption or fostering today…

K9 Friends

Founded in 1989, K9 Friends has helped over 7,000 dogs to date and is always on the lookout for potential pup parents. The air-conditioned shelter can house upwards of 120 dogs and puppies and they offer a supportive role, helping to educate the public on responsible dog ownership. They offer adoption and fostering services, and all their pups are health and behaviour assessed, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

Visit their website or call (04) 887 8939 to speak to K9 Friends about taking any of these lovely dogs home…


A gentle and quiet dog, Stocking is a friendly 1 and a half-year-old boy who gets on well with other people and dogs. A mixed breed, small to medium sized bundle of love with deep inquisitive brown eyes, he’s easy to walk when on the lead and is also a fan of the water, enjoying a paddle every now and then when he’s out and about.


One for those who love cuddles! Charcoal is an adorable, 1 and a half-year-old boy who is naturally affectionate to all those around him. A confident and curious fellow, Charcoal is looking for that perfect family who’ll take him for long walks, shower him with love and plenty of snuggled up moments at home.


A very well behaved girl perfectly suited to those who like a quiet home, Humbug is a shy and gentle five and half year old who’s looking to build her confidence with someone who enjoys the same relaxed outlook to life as she does. She’ll happily keep herself entertained with her dog toys and sleep soundly through the night and is the ideal companion for those who want to live their lives with a little bit of Zen.


An energetic and bouncy bundle of fun, Pepper is an affectionate and loveable five and half year old boy who will get on with the whole family – especially the kids. Playtime is his favourite time of day guaranteeing plenty of fun moments. Don’t let the energy put you off, Pepper, is incredibly well behaved and house trained. He doesn’t bark or chew on things so can be left alone for a few hours, knowing that the furniture will still be intact upon your return.


One of K9 Friends longest standing residents, Leah is a friendly 4-year-old girl who is sociable and interactive with those around her. Obedient, house trained and a wonderful companion on walks, she engages well with other dogs and people. Whether playing, swimming or relaxing at home, if you are new to dogs, Leah is the perfect teacher to have and the girl for you.


An 18 month year old Beagle boy with energy and a playful demeanor. He’s good with other dogs and is looking for someone who can get to know him and offer him the attention and training he needs to adapt to a home lifestyle. Someone who’s experienced and knows the Beagle breed would be the best fit for this cute and courageous canine.

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Your best friend – Buddy, is a one-year-old boy who wants to be everyone’s friend. Good with dogs, cats and kids, Buddy is a trained, playful and affectionate companion who’ll ensure he’s always by your side through the ups and downs.


A fluffy, confident girl who is full of energy, Roxy is 2 years old and loves to be the centre of attention. A fun and sometimes bossy girl, she is the perfect couch companion and enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. She’ll happily go on walks a couple of times a day and then spend the rest of the time cuddling her owner.


A very well behaved and house-trained boy, Pancho is 2 years old, affectionate and appreciates a quieter lifestyle. Pancho is looking for someone patient and caring who can offer him a safe and calm space to call home as he can be a little nervous around loud noises and busy environments.


A beautiful and charismatic one year old girl, Leila is a happy and affectionate companion who is a dream to walk and have at home. She’s a curious, sweet girl who will happily give kisses to anyone and everyone.

The Pups

Full of love, cuddles, playfulness and curiosity for the world, the K9 Friends pups are always the stars of the show. All the pups are very well handled by the volunteers and engage in social learning, lead training and understanding basic commands. They’ll grow up to be medium sized and will develop their own personalities as they explore more of the world, hopefully in their forever home.

Rudolf (5 months, male)

Judy (3 months female)

Charles (3 months male)

Cranberry (4 months male)

Dorritt (3 months female)

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Strays that Need Interim or Forever Friends, or SNIFF, is a volunteer-run animal rescue group that runs entirely on the donations and generosity of Dubai’s animal-lovers. All contributions go directly to the vets who foot the medical bills, food and boarding costs for the shelters’ dogs. Their vets are City Vet Hospital in Al Wasl and K9 Central Dogs Dubai.

Get in touch via their Facebook page to foster or adopt one of their pups, or to lend your support.


At three months old, Sunny is the little baby of SNIFF. She’s looking for a forever home with a family and will do well in a home with children or another dog to look up to.


Riley is a small dog looking for a loving home with experienced owners. Having always been an outdoor dog, she will need a home in a villa with high walls, as she has been known as a bit of an escape artist. At one and a half years old, she’s looking for a forever home, and although a little shy, she’s a very friendly pup.


Well-behaved and gentle, Stella is a loving medium sized dog up for adoption. A low, shedding desert mix, Stella is seven months old and great with little ones.


Hershley has been with SNIFF for six months now, and so is desperate to find his forever home. An active collie mix, he’d be best suited to a villa home with a family that suits his active lifestyle. He’s vaccinated, neutered and at 18-months old enjoys playing outdoors.


Patchi is a five-month-old retriever mix pup who was found abandoned on an industrial site. Full of beans, little Patchi is already learning to walk on a lead. At full height, he’ll grow to be about knee high, and would thrive in a home with another dog.


Already breaking hearts, Bella is the sweetest little doggy. She is best suited to a working couple, and is already apartment trained. A female saluki mix, she’d best suit being the only dog in her home.


Sweet and gentle, Dolly is one and a half years old. She’s already good with other dogs, and will need a villa with a spacious garden to play in.

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