The update aims to make the residency process more inclusive…

Expats will soon be able to apply to sponsor their family under a new set of criteria.

The UAE Cabinet have announced that a new process will take into account salary earned, rather than job title. The exact minimum salary required has not yet been mentioned, although currently it stands at Dhs4,000 for men and Dhs10,000 for women.

Previously, the regulation was based on an individual’s profession, stating that they should be at managerial level or above in order to bring their family onto their visa.

Another step towards making the UAE a hub for talents and opportunities, the new process will give skilled workers the opportunity to bring their family to the UAE, no matter what their educational background.

This news comes after a recent announcement that ten-year visas would be granted to investors, entrepreneurs and specialists in the fields of science and knowledge. Those seeking a ten-year visa will also be able to include their spouse and any children.

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A statement issued by the UAE Cabinet mentioned that, “The decision aims at enhancing family stability of foreign workers and social cohesion, as well as attracting highly skilled workers while maintaining a healthy balance between professional and personal life.”

Making income the main factor in approving family sponsorship allows for a wider breadth of professions to enjoy a well-balanced life in the UAE.

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