Time to bring back the factor 50 SPF…

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) revealed that temperatures over the next four days will exceed 40 degrees celsius in some parts of the country, and we can expect much of the same today, Monday May 27. Temperatures across Dubai and Abu Dhabi are forecast to reach highs of 43 and 44 degrees celsius respectively.

The forecast indicates that today will be fair to partly cloudy, with light to moderate winds. Humidity could reach 85 per cent in some internal and coastal areas of the country. Throughout the week the haziness will continue, with some clouds forming and the wind will pick up reaching up to 40 kilometres per hour and blowing dust and sand.


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Last night, NCM shared this forecast on their Instagram to indicate the rising temperatures over the next four days. The warmest location will be Abu Dhabi, with temperatures potentially reaching 45 degrees on Wednesday. Dubai and the Northern Emirates are close behind with balmy temperatures through the week, but it seems Ajman is the place to be if you want to stay cooler this week.

Although there’s no signs of rain in the forecast for now, NCM has been active in cloud seeding this month so the possibility is not unlikely. The cloud seeding took place “due to the accumulation of the abundant convective clouds over the UAE in several areas (specifically in the Eastern & Southern terrains)”.

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