Think your creativity is out of this world? Here’s a great way to prove it…

When Hazzaa AlMansoori becomes the first Emirati astronaut to go to space this September, he won’t be travelling without something to remind him of home. The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) is calling for submissions for their ‘Send to Space’ competition, that will see a selection of poems, short stories and drawings accompany the astronaut to the International Space Station on September 25.

Not only will your hard work make it to space, but it will also be broadcast on board. Talk about reaching new heights.

The competition is open to all ages and nationalities, and submissions will be open until Saturday July 27 with one submission from each category (poems, short stories, drawings) making it to space.

All entries need to be space-related, and must be totally original. The poem should not exceed 20 verses, short story should be no more than 1000 words (in English or Arabic) and drawings should be submitted on size A4.

Be sure to write your name, telephone number, PO Box and emirate on the envelop, and send submissions to PO Box 250919, Dubai – UAE. You can also submit via email, just send your entry to

Hazzaa Al Mansoori will make history when he journeys to the International Space Station later this year, becoming the first Emirati astronaut to do so.

The eight-day mission to the International Space Station will see Al Mansoori board a Soyuz-MS 15 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on September and return to Earth aboard a Soyuz-MS 12.

Al Mansoori began as one of 4,022 candidates hoping to become the first Emirati astronaut in space back in 2017. As the first Arab astronaut to travel to the International Space Station, he will be presenting a tour in Arabic, in which he will explain the components of the station and the equipment on board.

He will also be conducting earth observation and imaging experiences, interacting with ground stations, sharing information, as well as documenting the daily lives of astronauts at the station, according to MBRSC.



For more information about the competition and details about how to participate please visit

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