Restaurants are required to comply with immediate effect…

Restaurants in Dubai can no longer use flowers or petals to garnish or complete their dishes, according to a circular issued by Dubai Municipality.

The ban comes into affect immediately, and also applies to beverages.

According to an article by Gulf News, a circular was issued to restaurants that stated the use of flowers, roses or its petals as decoration or as an ingredient in meals will no longer be allowed.

The decision comes from the National Committee for Food Safety who want to ensure that the food provided by food establishments is of high standards and safe for consumption.

Adding edible flowers by chefs to dishes became a trend in the UAE as they added a decorative touch to the dish while still being edible.

This isn’t the first time this year that the Dubai Municipality has made a decision of this level.

On May 19, 2019 it was also announced that all restaurants in the emirate will have to display calorie content for all of its meals to customers. The decision was made in a bid to encourage diners to think more carefully about what they’re putting into their bodies, and make smarter, healthier choices.

It looks like restaurants will need to start getting creative to make sure their dishes are ‘gram-worthy…

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Image: Getty