Arabian Adventures’ new Jeep Adventure Safari tick all the boxes for an adventurous day exploring the emirates…

Arabian Adventures are our go-to for exploring the Dubai desert and beyond, whether for camel trekking, dune bashing, desert safari’s or overnight stays amongst the dunes.

And just in time for the winter season, they’ve introduced some brand new adventures to keep residents and visitors in Dubai and the UAE busy. As well as a new sunrise safari and nature walk, Arabian Adventures have introduced a new full-day Jeep Adventure Safari, so What’s On decided to check it out.

A day-long excursion, the Jeep Adventure Safari kicks off in the morning, where you’ll be picked up in a sporty red Jeep Wrangler from your hotel or chosen location.

From there, it’s just over an hour drive through the emirates from Dubai to Sharjah, heading off road as you drive further into the Sharjah desert for a couple of Insta-worthy photo ops, a hair-raising dune drive, and then on to Fossil Rock.

If you’re lucky, you might even get to catch up with the local desert residents!

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Fossil Rock is an area in the Mleiha desert, and a striking natural collection of rocks made out of fossils that date back to approximately 60 million years ago. You’ll get to marvel at their delicate structure, as well as exploring the natural foliage that inhabit the rock.

From Fossil Rock, you’ll journey to Mleiha archeological centre, where guests can explore archeological sites and artefacts from the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, Iron, pre-Islamic, Islamic and modern ages.

A combination of a trip through history, culture and nature, see how our ancestors carved their tools, weapons and household items through the ages, and even visit a historic tomb.

There’s a mix of both interactive experiences inside the centre and outdoor archeological sites to marvel at, with the entry fee included in the tour.

When you’ve filled up on facts, it’s back in the Jeep Wrangler, crossing the emirates and into the mountains as you had to Wadi Showka in Ras Al Khaimah.

While you might have visited Wadi Showka for their brilliant hiking trails or an overnight camping experience in the mountains, you probably haven’t driven through the rocky terrain in a Jeep, which is what you’ll do as part of this tour. Part by car, part by foot, explore the natural beauty of Wadi Showka and be sure to dip your toes into the cooling waters of the Showka pools as you pass them.

Next, it’s time to break for lunch in the scenic area of Kalba on the east coast of the UAE. Sit among the mangroves and calming waters as you fill up before your final stop – Wadi Helo.

At Wadi Helo, you’ll visit traditional farmlands on an easy hike to finish the day, and explore ruins of a settlement from the early 1900s as you absorb your final fascinating historical facts.

You’ll board the Jeep Wrangler for one final time from Wadi Helo, as Arabian Adventures drop you back off in Dubai. Napping is optional, and encouraged, after a full day of exploring.

The Jeep Adventure Safari is priced at Dhs699 per person and is available on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday.

Jeep Adventure Safari by Arabian Adventures, available Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday, Dhs699.

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Image: What’s On, supplied