Less spending, more travelling…

Living in the UAE, we’re lucky to have easy access to some of the world’s most amazing travel destinations. As much as we love exploring Dubai, being able to see the rest of the world is also a wonderful benefit.

Whether you’re planning your next long weekend away, or an extended trip to see a new part of the planet, here are the best ways to save money when booking flights.

1. Go undercover

Have you ever spent an hour searching for flights across various websites and started to panic as the prices began to increase? Next time make sure you’re working from a private browser (sometimes called incognito mode), that way the airlines won’t track your history and the fares will stay low.

2. Split your journey

Sometimes you just want to get to your destination as quickly as possible, but if you have the time it could work out cheaper to fit another place into your travel plans. Either by booking a connecting flight which can save a lot on costs, or add in a layover to somewhere convenient. You might end up discovering your new favourite city.

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3. Be flexible

If you have the option of being flexible, consider taking your flight mid-week or in the middle of the night as these are the least popular departure times. Some comparison sites allows you compare prices in a month-view so you can easily see the cheapest day to fly.

4. Consider all options

So if you live in Dubai, you will assume the easiest airport to travel from is DXB. However Abu Dhabi Airport is less than an hour’s drive from Dubai Marina so it’s worth checking if you can get a cheaper flight out of AUH. Then just think of a suitable bribe to offer someone who can drive you…

5. Pack light

It’s no secret that many airlines increase their fees for a higher baggage allowance. Consider how much stuff you really need to take, do you need a new outfit for each day or can you repeat some? Can you buy toiletries when you reach your destination? Reducing each of these will save you on kilograms and could leave you with more spending money for your trip.

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