Sponsored: Big breakfasts, signature décor and perfect pastries combine at UAE homegrown café Shakespeare and Co

Depending on how you count, there might be 30,000 eateries open in the city right now – enough for three meals a day, each from a different place, for the next 30 years – but the most ambitious restaurants among them might stay open for only a matter of a few months. In a market this competitive, staying power becomes star power.

It’s also why Shakespeare and Co. – a café restaurant that has captured visitors, residents and locals alike – remains a true legendary brand in the UAE.

Now nearly two decades old, Shakespeare’s (as it’s affectionately known) has grown from a small restaurant to a chain of 34 UAE locations and has managed to become and remain the definition of a neighbourhood cafe. Whether you’re in Jumeira or the Palm, Dubai Marina or Arabian Ranches, you’ll find a Shakespeare’s, decked from floor to ceiling with its signature, custom-made décor.

Whether it’s the sofa, a chandelier, a table or a curtain, everything you see inside any of its branches is individually and exclusively hand-made by the brand’s own Design House.

But you don’t go to Shakespeare and Co. just to be surrounded by its iconic Edwardian chintz, you go for the eclectic food options, from its delicious French pastries – all made using only the highest quality natural ingredients and the handmade chocolates, to the delightful big breakfasts and exotic paella.

Even dietary requirements are catered to with a range of vegetarian, vegan and soon-to-offer keto dishes. In fact, you’d be hard pressed not to find something you’re craving from its whopping 25-page menu.

And if you want to bring a bit of Shakespeare’s home with you, contact the team who’ll be able to organise special Shakespeare and Co. experiences, from intimate family celebrations or corporate events to large scale wedding receptions. They even offer vintage tableware hire, period-inspired décor and gourmet chocolate arrangements.

Shakespeare and Co., various locations across the UAE and beyond, daily 8am to midnight. shakespeare-and-co.com or follow @shakespeareandco