DeliverDXB already has more than 300 restaurants signed up…

In light of the spread of Covid-19, and the impact it is having on the region, two entities have come together to create a method of supporting the hospitality industry. Mystery restaurant reviewer, FoodSheikh, and ChatFood, an online ordering platform, have teamed up to create DeliverDXB.

DeliverDXB is a new commission-free website which allows people in Dubai to clearly and easily see which of their favourite restaurants are offering delivery and/or takeaway, and order directly from them. The need for such website becomes more apparent as an increasing number of restaurants are choosing to temporarily close their physical premises.

The message behind the project is ‘support local restaurants’, a move which aims to help those small business which are set to struggle during this uncertain time. At the moment, restaurants are still permitted to operate under UAE law, but less Dubai residents are choosing to go out.


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On the homepage, it says: “For you it’s simply ordering directly from the restaurant instead of an app. For the restaurant, it could be the difference between their survival as a business, and staying closed forever. Every time you order directly from the restaurant, they get to keep more of your money for themselves, allowing them to pay salaries, invest in training and generally become better restaurants and businesses.”

This website makes it easy for restaurants to register themselves as a delivery or takeaway outlet, with more venues being added each day. Customers can browse the selection of options, choose their area and order direct to the restaurant from online.

No commission is taken for any of the orders, and some outlets are also offering a discount for online orders, further increasing the incentive to support local businesses in this way. Restaurants including 3fils, Roberto’s, The Fit Food Kitchen, Maria Bonita and many more are currently available online.

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