Commuters to Abu Dhabi can now have a DPI test in more locations…

Dubai is aiming to make travel into Abu Dhabi easier for commuters, with the launch of more testing centres offering a ‘rapid’ blood test. The Dhs50 test is now available at Mina Rashid and Khawaneej drive-through facilities.

The test cannot confirm if the patient is infected with the virus or not, but can however show whether the body is fighting off a nasty illness. The test is able to deliver results in five minutes and remains valid for 48 hours.

Travellers aren’t able to use the results from this test, called diffractive phase interferometry (DPI), in order to travel overseas, but it does pose as a faster and more affordable option in order to cross the border into Abu Dhabi.

Anyone having the test will need to provide a small blood sample, taken at the testing centre. This blood is then quickly analysed to see if the red blood cells are working to fight against any illnesses.

The two new testing centres should ease the strain from the original Ghantoot facility, as commuters are finding an ever-growing waiting list at this location.

If you happen to fail the DPI test then you won’t be able to travel to Abu Dhabi, and are likely to be asked to have a PCR test to check for coronavirus. You should also then self-isolate until you receive your results.