DHA released a statement saying it will spare no effort to combat Covid-19…

Last Thursday, the UAE’s largest healthcare provider, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Co (SEHA), announced that it had reduced the price of PCR tests to Dhs250. Now, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has followed suit, announcing last night that it, too, had reduced the cost of Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests to Dhs250.

The DHA has cut the price by around Dhs100 in order to encourage more people to get tested. UAE residents are advised to get a PCR test if they are showing symptoms or have come into close contact with a confirmed case (a person who has tested positive).

The DHA released a statement saying it will spare no effort to combat Covid-19 to ensure the safety of society and the health of its members.

When do you need to get a Covid-19 test?

According to DHA, ‘Close Contact’ is regarded as coming in close proximity of less than two metres for more than 15 minutes (working, studying, or a family member) with a confirmed case, starting from two days before the onset of symptoms in the confirmed case and throughout the duration of illness.

Most coronavirus cases have an incubation period of one to 14 days, which has prompted the UAE authorities to urge anyone who comes in close contact with a confirmed case to self-quarantine at home, regardless of whether you get a negative test result initially. They suggest you then test again after 14 days to ensure you are still coronavirus-free.

If you have come into close contact with a confirmed case, or develop symptoms, the DHA website says to: “put on a mask, inform your supervisor who should coordinate with the company’s single point of contact (SPOC) to notify the Dubai Health Authority’s hotline 800342, start isolating yourself and most importantly do not panic.”

You can get a discounted PCR test in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at SEHA drive-through testing centres, hospitals and clinics. According to DHA, you can also get a Dhs250 test at the Shabab Al Ahli and Al Nasr Club test centres. You’ll need to bring your proof of residency, passport copy and a valid Emirates ID.