Sponsored: Getting behind the wheel of the new Mercedes-Benz EQC is like stepping into the future – right here, right now…

The sleek all-electric SUV not only delivers superb, emission-free performance, but it’s also packed with the very latest tech. Here’s all you need to know about the new Mercedes-Benz EQC

1. It’s packed with the latest technology

The Mercedes me app connects your phone with the EQC’s Mercedes-Benz User Experience system (MBUX) to let you check the car’s tyre pressure, fuel level, find where you’re parked and much more. The app can set the EQC’s air conditioning to the exact temperature you like so your car is nice and cool for the start of your journey.

2. The sat-nav is practically perfect

The EQC’s optimised navigation system plans the fastest and most convenient route every time. MBUX also always include e-charging stations on the way, just in case you need to recharge before you get to your destination.

3. You can have a pleasant chat with your car

Got a question about where you’re headed? Want to change the radio station or adjust the AC? Simply say “Hey Mercedes” and then your command and the MBUX will instantly recognize what you need. Running low on power? Ask “Where is the nearest charging station?” and the EQC will tell you how to get there.

4. Driving the EQC in Dubai is easy, cost-effective and hassle-free

As per a directive by the Government of Dubai, electric cars don’t pay parking charges, so no more hunting for dirham coins. Plus, recharging the EQC is free at any of the 240 DEWA charging stations across Dubai until the end of 2021.

5. The EQC has an electric-only range of up to 471km

That means you can easily go about your daily business without worrying about recharging. The EQC’s impressive range is more than enough to drive from Dubai to Fujairah and back. Plus, with the number of charging stations increasing all the time, the EQC can handle a cross-country UAE road trip and much more with ease.

6. The EQC recuperates its battery on the move, meaning it converts energy from braking into electricity to recharge its battery

Plus, the car is fully chargeable at home, meaning you can relax on the sofa at the end of the day. The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home is house plug compatible and is up to three times quicker than a conventional household socket.

7. Driving the EQC is fun and easy with five modes that change the characteristics of the car

COMFORT is the default setting for a comfortable driving style. ECO is focused on high efficiency and low power consumption. MAX RANGE is an intelligent option that can achieve the maximum possible range. SPORT is all about the best response and driving performance. INDIVIDUAL can be adjusted to your particular tastes and preferences so the EQC handles just the way you want it.

8. The EQC is all-electric, so charging is important

But you don’t want to be waiting around. The EQC boasts a seriously fast-charging battery, which can go from 10% to 80% in just 40 minutes when plugged into a rapid charging station. The EQC’s recharge technology is universal, meaning it can be plugged into any public AC charging station using the standard cable while you enjoy a coffee or some shopping.

9. The EQC embodies Mercedes-Benz’s new design language of progressive luxury and sustainable mobility

Driving the EQC comes with a sense of peace in knowing you’re travelling with zero harmful emissions, the ride is smooth, peaceful and quiet and the performance is a thrill.

10. The EQC has major green credentials

It’s electric so there are no greenhouse gases, but it goes even further than that. The car has almost 100 parts that are produced sustainably and can be recycled, including paper, rubber and hemp. The seats feature a textile made from recycled PET plastic, with each made from 12 bottles saved from landfill.

You can buy the Mercedes-Benz EQC from Dhs278,360 (excluding VAT). Prices vary depending on vehicle specs. For more information, click here.