The Ruler of Dubai made the announcement on his official Twitter account…

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai is no stranger to social media. The Ruler posts fairly often on his official Twitter and Instagram account.

And according to his latest tweet – he has just joined video-sharing social networking service – TikTok

The tweet posted on December 19 states, ‘Today I launched my official account on the TikTok social networking platform… the fastest growing in the world, which has more than 800 million followers. We want to be where people are. We want to build positive Arabic content… and we want to listen to young people and hear them our story.’


The tweet was accompanied with a link to the Dubai Ruler’s TikTok account and the first video posted. The video is a montage of clips with a voiceover of the Dubai Ruler speaking in English stating, ‘People slow down. for example, if my team do something very good, they say “okay, Sheikh Mohammed is very happy now, I will now slow down and take rest…”‘

The audio continues with Sheikh Mohammed stating ‘So, I say every morning when the gazelle wakes up in Africa, he makes sure he outrun the fastest lion or he will be killed. I say, every morn in Africa, the lion wakes up and he makes sure he can outrun the slowest gazelle, or he will starve.’

At the end of the video, Sheikh Mohammed states, ‘In the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, I don’t care if you are a lion or gazelle – when you wake up you better start running.’

A second video on the account shows Sheikh Mohammed speaking in Arabic on the pandemic crisis and how we can thrive during critical times if we work tirelessly and as a team.

At the moment, the Ruler of Dubai has already garnered nearly 100,000 followers and likes. You can follow Sheikh Mohammed on his TikTok account here.

Images: Sheikh Mohammed TikTok