Violators will no longer receive paper tickets on their dashboard…

In a bid to become more environmentally friendly, Dubai parking wardens will soon no longer be issuing paper tickets to parking violators. On Sunday March 28, 2021, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will take the next step in its paperless mission.

Instead of receiving a paper ticket, violators will receive an SMS message, as well as an email to let them know that they have been given a parking fine. These two digital messages are frequently given in conjunction with the paper ticket currently.

RTA shared the news on its Twitter feed, declaring that “Starting Sunday, March 28, all paper parking violations will stop, and you will receive paperless violations via SMS & email instead, in a new, more environmentally friendly way. Please make sure to update your mobile number and email in your traffic file by calling 8009090.”

How much is the fine?

Not paying for your parking comes with a fine of Dhs150, while exceeding the maximum parking hours or failing to renew your tarrif will land you a Dhs100 fine. Parking illegally, obstructing or misusing a parking facility will lead to a Dhs200 fine and unauthorised use of special needs parking space has a penalty of Dhs1,000.