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There are thousands of beauty brands out there with formulas to solve just about any skincare qualm, and if you want to try something new, why not pick from the UAE-born skincare brands?

The world is in Dubai, but Dubai is also in the world, and these UAE-born and bred names are making waves.

Here are 7 UAE-born skincare brands to level up your routine



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Salama Mohamed sure knows how to entertain us on social media with her fun videos with her family, but did you know the Emirati entrepreneur also has a skincare brand in the UAE? The social media star’s passion project has been formulated with Korean skincare technology. As we all know, Korean skincare has assumed a sort of holy grail status when it comes to skincare solutions, and Peacefull emulates that with clean and effective products that do just what they must.


De L’Arta

De L’Arta is as local as it gets. The formulas are all made with resources found here in the UAE, and local plant extracts for natural, sustainable products. While it is widely believed that the desert landscape of the UAE doesn’t have much to offer, De L’Arta is harnessing the power of a rich trove of resources to bust that myth.




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Huda Kattan’s skincare brand is a relatively new addition to her beauty empire’s ever-growing portfolio of products. Her line of makeup, Huda Beauty, can be found on the shelves of perhaps every beauty retailer in the world, and now Wishful is taking the local markets by storm.




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Emirati-born Dr Lamees Hamdan’s luxury brand combines ingredients from the land and the sea to create organic products that promote healing. It all started with Dr Lamees’ quest to find a unique oil for her body during pregnancy. Her line now includes remedies for every skin concern.


Shirley Conlon Organics

Like many inventions in this world, the Shirley Conlon Organics was born out of necessity. The founder, Shirley Conlon, found her skin to be acting up when she moved to Dubai and figured she’d create formulas herself so she knew exactly what was going into it. Her conscious skincare focuses on combatting UV, heat and pollution damage.




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This homegrown brand takes the very best of East Asian skincare and formulates it specifically for the region. A mix of Japanese and Korean skincare secrets, GLIST has a highly popular range of sheet masks for every qualm and is a semi-gel cellulose technology, an innovative material that is being retailed in the region for the first time.


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Herbal Essentials

This UAE-born-and-bred brand is all about natural, clean, uncomplicated skincare, formulated with Himalyan spring water. Himalayan Active Water contains 3 essential minerals that help hydrate, strengthen & protect the skin barrier, so there’s a wealth of benefits to be derived from it. The brand has a variety of options for all skin types and issues.


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