Helping keep riders and the public safe on the UAE’s roads…

Talabat Patrol might sound like a Hollywood buddy comedy (starring The Rock and Kevin Hart), but the reality is much more exciting, and worth more than an iffy four stars on IMDB.

It’s a new campaign co-authored by Talabat, one of the region’s leading food delivery apps, and Abu Dhabi Police, aimed at increasing delivery driver safety.

Special units of ‘Talabat Patrollers’, comprised of an elite crew of safety officers, are being dispatched onto the road to ensure that Talabat riders are following road rules and not causing potential danger to themselves and other motorists.

Of course we all want to get our Thursday night pizzas and Tuesday morning biriyani into our faces as quickly as possible after ordering, but that time pressure should not translate into a dangerous environment for the hardworking delivery operators.

It’s a convenient reminder that we could probably all stand to be a little more patient with restaurants and their door-to-door crews. Us being hangry should not result in others taking unnecessary risks.

Especially at this time of year, where according to RoadSafetyUAE we sadly see “hundreds of accidents and dozens of fatalities every year”. If you’d like some tips on how to stay safe on the roads over Ramadan, check out the  RoadSafetyUAE website.

The initial phase of Talabat Patrol will include the ‘roll-out’ of 20 safety officers across Abu Dhabi, with more riders to follow in Dubai and the other Emirates in later deployments.

Director of Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Central Operations Sector, Brigadier Mohammed Dhahi Al Hemairi, said: “This collaboration is set to strengthen cooperation and ensure continuous communication between Talabat and police and traffic patrols to reduce traffic violations and accidents.”

“This partnership reflects the UAE’s pioneering role and progressive vision as we work to achieve excellence and innovation and prosper in every field.”

Echoing the sentiment of cooperation, Vice-President of Talabat UAE, Jérémy Doutté, added: “The introduction of ‘Talabat Patrol’ in Abu Dhabi will allow us to employ our efforts in the right direction while working closely with Abu Dhabi police and Integrated Transport Centre to ensure rules and regulations and road safety rules are followed at all times.

“Our Talabat Patrollers are selected based on rigorous criteria and are well aware of the importance of their role, as well as their ultimate contribution to the society and the success of the business.”

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