Pfizer jabs will only be available with an appointment…

The Department of Health — Abu Dhabi (DOH) has now given its approval for the use and distribution of the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in the emirate.

This development means that there are now two varieties of Covid-19 jab available in Abu Dhabi, Sinopharm and Pfizer.

Both options require two doses, and those wishing to get immunised with the Pfizer vaccine will have to make an appointment at one of the 11 healthcentres in which it’s available free.

How do I book the Pfizer vaccine in Abu Dhabi ?

For an appointment at one of the six SEHA facilities, you’ll need to call 800 50. There are three SEHA locations in Abu Dhabi city (Al Zafaranah Diagnostic and Screening Centre; Madinat Mohamed Bin Zayed Healthcare Centre; and Al Bahia Healthcare Centre), two in Al Ain (Oud La Touba Diagnostic and Screening centre; and Neima Healthcare Centre), as well as one in the Al Dhafra Medical Centre.

Where can I get the Pfizer vaccine in Abu Dhabi ?

There are also jabs available at Mubadala sites, which can be booked by calling 800 4959. These are found at Cleveland Clinic, Healthpoint Hospital and at Capital Health Screening Centres in Al Jazeera Sports Club, Mubadala Tower Abu Dhabi, and the Al Ain City branch.

Restrictions on Pfizer vaccine in Abu Dhabi

Currently the Pfizer vaccine is not available to:

• Participants of Phase III of the clinical trial.
• Recipients of a single or multiple doses of any other COVID-19 vaccines.
• Pregnant women.
• People with certain conditions (based on evaluation of the medical team).
• People with severe allergic reaction to any component in the vaccine.
• Children under the age of 16 years


There are also still over 100 locations where you can walk-in (and make appointments) to get your Sinopharm vaccine for free. A full list of locations can be found on the DOH website.

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Whatever your thoughts on mass vaccination, the fact remains that overcoming the pandemic will only ever be possible with a community response. We’re fortunate that Abu Dhabi’s efforts are being guided by a leadership that has been independently recognised as coordinating the world’s best response to the pandemic.

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