You better fill up, fast…

Following several months of steady increase, UAE petrol prices are on the up again and this time it’s a big jump.

If your fuel tank is running low, you might want to top it up before Tuesday, June 1 as the UAE petrol prices have been revealed. For the fourth month in a row, prices will increase for the 30 days of June.

As of June 1, 2021, Super 98 will be increasing to Dhs2.38 per litre (a rise on May’s Dhs2.30 per litre). If you require Special 95, it will cost you Dhs2.27 per litre (up from Dhs2.18 in May). Diesel prices have increased as well, now priced at Dhs2.30 per litre instead of 2.17.

It’s the fourth time we’ve witnessed a price change for Super 98 and Special 95 since the lockdown cause the price to stall in April 2020. Back then, at the start of the lockdown, fuel prices for Super 98 dropped from Dhs2.24 in January and February to Dhs2.16 in March, before settling at Dhs1.91 in April, 2020.

UAE petrol prices for 2021

Here are the UAE fuel prices for Super 98 in 2021 so far.

January: Dhs1.91

February: Dhs1.91

March: Dhs2.21

April: 2.29

May: 2.30

June: 2.38

All prices include the five per cent VAT.

The UAE’s Ministry of Energy first began setting fuel prices based on average global prices in August 2015. Prior to that, the price of petrol in the UAE was subsidised by the government, which shielded consumers from global fluctuations in the cost of petrol.

Image: Getty