New need-to-know if you’re heading into AUH…

As of Friday, August 27, 2021 — if you’re flying into Abu Dhabi, you will need to have filled in the ICA form. And if you’ve been fully vaccinated you will need to make sure you’re registered at least five days prior to your flight.

Other rules for flying into Abu Dhabi

Entering by air

For vaccinated see: UAE citizens and residents who received their second dose at least 28 days earlier, documented in the vaccine report on Alhosn app.

All travellers flying into Abu Dhabi require a negative PCR result within 72 hours of their scheduled departure, regardless of vaccination status.

From August 27, you’ll need to fill on the ICA Smart Travel Form before you fly to AUH. If you’re fully vaccinated, you’ll need to register no less than five days before your flight.

Flying from a Green List country

There will be a PCR test on arrival for both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, and neither group are required to quarantine if the arrival test is negative.

Vaccinated passengers arriving from Green List countries are also currently required to take a further PCR test on day six after arriving in the capital (the day you arrive is considered day 1).

Unvaccinated passengers arriving from Green List countries are required to take a PCR test on day six after arriving in the capital and day nine.

Flying from a non Green List Country

Vaccinated passengers will need to quarantine for seven days and take a PCR test on arrival and on day six.

Unvaccinated passengers will need to quarantine for 10 days, taking PCR tests on arrival and on day nine.

Those required to quarantine will have to wear a tracker bracelet, in order to ensure isolation orders are not broken. Individuals found to be breaking the rules will face heavy fines.

Getting vaccines administered overseas to reflect in the Alhosn app

As of Friday, August 20, 2021 — you’ve had to show that you’re fully vaccinated to enter almost all public places in Abu Dhabi and for upcoming concerts in Dubai.

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These requirements apply to citizens, residents and tourists (over 16 years old). Individuals in Abu Dhabi will all have to demonstrate their Green status (which also has a negative PCR requirement) via the Alhosn app. Excluding those with active Alhosn exemptions approved by a doctor.

But tourists won’t have a valid Emirates ID, and their vaccinations are likely to have been obtained overseas, so how will it work for them?

Setting up Alhosn for tourists

Step one, before you leave for the UAE, download the ICA app and fill in the form under the Register Arrival section. Here you’ll be able to upload your vaccination certificates and once completed, you’ll be sent an SMS with a link to download the Alhosn app. You’ll need to use the same phone number on the ICA app, as you use for the Alhosn app — we recommend that you use a UAE sim (you can change the registered phone number registered to the ICA via the ICA app).

Next you’ll need a UID number, this can be provided at the airport when you arrive or via the ICA website. This is essential for setting up your profile on the Alhosn app. You’ll need to link a phone number to the Alhosn account (the same one you’ve used for the ICA) and as above, we recommend that it’s a UAE number.

One of the last stages of the registration process will be an OTP sent via SMS. You’ll also need a negative PCR test result before you can complete registration.

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