It applies to nurseries, daycare centres, private and public schools, higher education centres, training centres and institutes…

On August 22, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) announced guidelines and protocols for children going back to school.

A document posted by the NCEMA on its official Twitter stated that the protocol will be applied 30-days from the first day of school to give all unvaccinated individuals an opportunity to take the vaccine.

During this time, all students will be required to take a PCR test every two weeks.

After 30 days, unvaccinated students under the age of 12 and vaccinated students above the age of 12 will have to take one PCR test a month. Unvaccinated students ages 12 and over will have to undergo a PCR test once a week.

It added that parents will be required to download the Alhosn app and present printed PCR and vaccinated certificates to the school.

Additionally, students, teachers and educational staff will also need to sign a health declaration form confirming they do not have Covid-19 and have not been exposed to any positive cases.

For exempted individuals, it is vital to attain a Covid-19 vaccine exemption certificate while adhering to safety protocol.

The school must be made aware of any chronic diseases or immunodeficiency.

If any employees or students are displaying Covid-19 symptoms, they must inform the person in charge of health and safety about a suspected infection. Updates about the health situation in their establishment must be provided.

The circular added that distance learning will be available for vaccinated and unvaccinated students of all ages.

NCEMA stated that the protocol is subject to updates and changes based on the situation in the country

Other announcements were also made regarding school transportation services which have to follow all safety measures and capacity limits. Penalties will be imposed if the rules are violated.

During lunchtime at school, physical distancing and placement into groups to prevent crowding is crucial. The NCEMA also recommended that higher education increase their sale points and facilitate purchases. Food providers must adhere to health requirements implemented during the pandemic.

If a parent wishes to meet a teacher, they must do so after students have left the premises.

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