Sponsored: Create photogenic memories from land, sea and air…

The Hero Experiences Group offers adventure-packed escapades for those seeking something beyond Dubai’s glittering surface. Their epic collection of expeditions takes you off the beaten path and into the wild unknown, and racking up Instagram-breaking photo opportunities as you go.

Perfect for visitors, as well as the culturally curious, they currently offer three ways to explore the hidden worlds within Dubai, each with its own unique benefits. And if you can’t choose, do all three — experience is one of few things you can spend money on to become instantly richer.

Air — Balloon Adventures Dubai

Balloon rides through the wild blue yonder offer that most privileged of perspectives. Floating 4,000 feet above the shifting sands of Dubai’s postcard desert dunes, sharing air with the falcons, and making those forever memories.

Prices for this romantic ascent over Dubai’s unique geography start at Dhs1,250 and take place below the grand inflated dome of a hot air balloon decorated in the colours of the UAE flag. There are plenty of photo opportunities before, during and after the tour.

Land — Platinum Heritage

If you like your desert trips both intrepid and delivered with a touch of class, Platinum Heritage has a well deserved reputation for providing sophisticated safaris. Leap into the back of a vintage, 1950s Land Rover for a voyage into the soul of ancient Dubai.

Meandering through the dunes, you’ll meet the animal inhabitants of the desert, catch heritage displays of falconry, snap selfies with camels and even take part in a traditional Emirati drumming ceremony. These and more rare experiences are available starting from Dhs525.

Sea —HERO OdySea Self-Drive Boat Tours

HERO OdySea’s innovative self-drive boat tours put the captain’s hat squarely on your head, allowing you to skipper your own shoreline adventure in one of their vessels.

With the help of an expert guide, skim their ‘untippable’ boats past Dubai’s iconic tower-studded coast, getting up-close uninterrupted views of the Burj Al Arab, Ain Dubai and Atlantis, The Palm. Prices for these self-pilot guided boat tours start at just Dhs700 for a 90 minute ride, for two people.

Book these and more adventures of a lifetime on the hero-experiences.com website. Tel: (04) 440 9827 or email: info@hero-experiences.com, to find out more.

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