Which one are you going to see?

Planning on spending your weekend munching on popcorn and catching the latest blockbuster? Here’s a guide to all the movies out this week.

*22 movies to look forward to watching in 2022*

My Son

Driving in the heart of the Highlands, Edmond Murray receives a call from his hysterical ex-wife. Their seven-year-old son has gone missing from a campsite. Soon, it becomes clear that the child has been kidnapped, and the parents give way to despair.

Note: What’s amazing about this film is that the actor, James McAvoy was never handed a script. Therefore both the audience and the actor are able to uncover the mystery at the same time.

Starring: James McAvoy, Claire Foy, Tom Cullen
Genre: Thriller (PG15)
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Book of Love

Henry Copper—young, English and about as relaxed as a stiff collar—is a novelist. He’s written one book titled The Sensible Heart—which was described by reviewers as ‘like watching dryness dry.’ So, when his agent Jen calls Henry in to tell him that his novel is suddenly a huge hit, Henry is shocked, more so when Jen tells him it’s a huge hit in, of all places, Mexico. Henry flies out to Mexico to further publicize his novel but is met with a rather shocking surprise.

Starring: Sam Claflin, Veronica Echegui
Genre: Romance (18+)
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Raging Fire

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Bong is a successful daredevil cop. However, his past comes back to haunt him in the form of a mysterious group of criminals led by his former protégé Ngo, who is a furious man with a grudge to destroy everyone who wronged him including his former mentor.

Starring: Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Simon Yam
Genre: Action (PG15)
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The Hating Game

Resolving to achieve professional success without compromising her ethics, Lucy embarks on a ruthless game of one-upmanship against cold and efficient nemesis Joshua, a rivalry that is complicated by her growing attraction to him.

Starring: Lucy Hale, Austin Stowell, Damon Daunno
Genre: Comedy (18+)
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The Colony

Humanity is driven into bunkers by climate change. The leaders of one such redoubt, investigating a neighbour’s distress signal, find a new threat.

Starring: Nora Arnezeder, Lain Glen, Sarah Sofie-Boussnina
Genre: Action (PG15)
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