K9 Friends has been in operation since 1989 and has rehomed over 7,000 dogs…

If you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your family, it’s always best to adhere to the ‘adopt don’t shop’ mantra.

The UAE’s hard-working shelters and rescue centres are filled with countless dogs and puppies that need homes – either permanent or temporary – particularly now that summer is kicking in.

One notable organisation is K9 Friends, which was established back in 1989. There are so many dogs just waiting for their forever home, so you’ll definitely find a furry friend that suits your lifestyle. The volunteers and organisers at K9 Friends can answer your questions and share their thoughts about a particular pup’s personality. After all, they know them best…

If you’re not able to commit long-term, opening up your home for a month or two to foster a dog can be a great way to give them some respite from kennel life. You may just fall a little bit in love, and decide to adopt for life.

Do note, that it is not guaranteed that any dog listed below will be at K9 Friends when you visit, but there will be plenty of others just waiting to steal your heart.

Meet 75 dogs and puppies waiting for a forever home at K9…



Born: 20.10.2021

Akash is a large Golden Retriever who came from a home as they couldn’t cope with him. He is good with children and is a bouncy, playful, friendly young dog.



Born: 05.02.2022

When fully grown, Duchess will be a medium-sized dog. She was found by a tourist who had a big heart and took care of her until K9 Friends took over. She is a very playful, friendly and confident puppy



Born: 01.03.2022

Custard arrived with mummy Rhubard after being found on the street. She loves to meet people and play and will make a fabulous addition to a family.



Born: 08.02.2019

Harrier is a caring mummy dog who arrived at the shelter with her four puppies. After raising her pups, it is her time to find a home. She was nervous at first but has since been fostered by two families who have done a fantastic job building her confidence. She is housetrained, affectionate and enjoys playing with toys. She still needs to gain confidence outside, as even hearing people in neighbouring gardens can make her not want to go out. However, with some patient encouragement, her confidence will continue to grow.



Born: 25.07.2020

Sheila was found living in an industrial area and was brought to the shelter by a kind rescuer. She is a very sweet girl and just wants affection from people. She is very calm and gentle and will be a loveable loyal companion to her forever person.



Born: 15.08.2020

Adora was rescued from a building site with her puppy, Cupid. She was a fantastic mum to her pup and now it’s her time to be loved and cared for. Adora is calm, friendly and very affectionate to people. Be mindful: She has shown incredible climbing skills.



Born: 17.09.2011

Juna has lived with a family all her life, and sadly when they left Dubai they left her behind. She is now 10 years old and has been in foster with one of our kind volunteers as the kennels were too much for her. She loves people and children and is even cat-friendly. The K9 team haven’t seen her  personality yet as she is still missing her family.



Born: 01.03.2021

Butterscotch is a bouncy puppy who is very shy when meeting new people, but in a short time, she will show you how playful and clever she is. She is very treat orientated and will learn new tricks and will work for her rewards. She’s very nervous of new sounds and experiences and can be protective. She needs an adult only home and a villa.



Born: 03.01.2022

Sandy is a happy pup who loves to play. She’s also a clever girl who will make a fantastic addition to a family.



Born: 07.12.2021

Cupid and his mum were found by the roadside and brought to K9 Friends by a kind soul. Cupid is a sweet gentle pup, full of affection and hopes to steal a family’s heart soon.



Born: 03.08.2020

Maximus is a young energetic boy but he’s a bit picky about his dog friends and can get jealous of other dogs. He is smart and learns quickly. He will need an experienced owner who will give him consistent training. He also requires a special diet.



Born: 03.08.2020

Beautiful Minikin is affectionate towards people and wants lots of attention. She is housetrained and sleeps well through the night in a crate. She walks well on the lead and likes to investigate and find things to carry on her walks. Minikin requires a special diet.



Born: 24.12.2020

Sergio was adopted shortly after he arrived at K9 with his mummy Marina but was sadly retired. His previous owners say he is good with children and housetrained. Sergio takes a little time to trust new people, but once he does he is fun and playful. He is inquisitive and likes to explore on walks.



Born: 21.01.2020

Gayle was surrendered as her owners travelled a lot. She is housetrained and completed a puppy school course when she was younger. She is very friendly with dogs and people and is energetic, so she will need an active home.



Born: 20.12.2020

Bruce was found roaming by the beach where a dog walker took him to the vets. Sadly, nobody came forward for him and he was surrendered to K9. Bruce is full of love for anyone he meets and is good with the other dogs. He enjoys playing and is full of energy.



Born: 20.12.2020

Giselle is a playful goofy pup. She is very affectionate and is looking forward to stealing someone’s heart and getting her forever home.



Born: 25.10.2021

Tango is a real character, he’s cuddly, chatty and cheeky. He is very playful and is hoping to find a family who he can have lots of fun with.



Born: 25.10.2021

Chinook is smart, playful and energetic and is good with other dogs. He is looking for experienced owners without small children as he is too bouncy for them. Chinook is fearful of strangers and will need training and guidance to overcome this.



Born: 18.07.2019

Hilton is a clever, athletic and playful boy. In new environments, he is very anxious, but once he is comfortable he will show you his happy fun side. He is looking for calm patient owners, without young children or cats, who can gain his trust and build his confidence.



Born: 10.04.2021

Daphne was surrendered as her owners didn’t have time for her. She is a friendly, sweet girl with medium energy. Daphne is hoping a forever family will adopt her soon.



Born: 25.12.2020

Shiloh has come from a home, but sadly was given up as a family member had allergies. He is good with adults, older children and other dogs. Shiloh is housetrained and crate trained. He is very energetic and is looking for an active family to run, play and go on adventures with.



Born: 24.12.2020

Hamilton is an energetic, bouncy boy who can be naughty at times. When he goes into a home, he tries to be the boss. At this stage, he is not suitable to be around young children. He does like to play with other dogs and is affectionate and cuddly with people he knows.



Born: 24.12.2020

Vettel is an energetic dog who loves to run and play. When he goes into a home he gets easily overwhelmed and shows nerves. We have been working on this and his confidence is growing all the time. Vettel loves to play with other dogs and loves his tennis ball.



Born: 01.01.2021

Handsome Phantom is one of the volunteer’s favourite pup. He came to K9 Friends at a young age and while he is happy, he is a little unsure with new people. He needs a patient family to build his confidence and needs to be slowly exposed to everything new. When he gets to know you, he wants lots of affection and does the cutest zoomies. Aww!



Born: 20.10.2020

Arthur is a friendly and energetic boy. His first love is people and getting attention from everyone. Arthur’s second love is toys; he loves to play but can get a little possessive. He needs a lot of stimulation to keep him busy. Arthur has learnt some basic commands but still needs some training.



Born: 23.03.2021

Feta is a little shy at first but when she gains her confidence, she is playful and loving. Feta has made lots of progress on the lead thanks to our dog walkers – she just needs a little encouragement. Feta is food orientated and has learnt commands like ‘sit’ and ‘down’.



Born: 23.03.2021

Labneh is a very energetic and playful pup and he loves to play fetch. He walks well on the lead and is very sociable and affectionate. He is looking for an active family who can train him and settle him into home life.



Born: 23.03.2021

Edam is shy with people but loves to be with other dogs and is very kind and gentle with them. He will make a great addition to a home that already has a dog. He makes a quirky scream when he is scared of something new, this has led him to be known as the kennel drama queen, but the good news is the screams are getting few and far between as he builds his confidence.



Born: 23.03.2021

Brie is an energetic, goofy girl who is looking for an active family to share adventures with. Brie is good on the lead and likes walks. She is a smart independent girl who has already learnt some commands.



Born: 19.03.2021

Sweet Neha is playful and affectionate. She is looking for a family who can guide her and continue to build her confidence.



Born: 23.03.2021

Stilton is a little shy at first, but when he gets to know you he shows his cuddly and goofy side. Stilton loves his food and will learn commands for tasty rewards. He will make a great addition to a family.



Born: 18.05.2021

Stottie is a very clever boy, he knows lots of commands and will shake hands. He has been in a home before and comfy with homelife, he is housetrained and likes to play. Stottie has a mischievous side and needs firm boundaries set so he doesn’t rule the house.



Born: 25.06,2020

Lomi has come from a family home. He was sadly surrendered as dogs weren’t allowed in their community. He is a very energetic, bouncy boy who is looking for an active couple to adopt him. However, due to his bouncy nature he is not suitable for children. Lomi is happy, friendly and loves his treats… but needs to learn some table manners, crumbs go flying.



Born: 22.01.2020

Khan arrived to K9 with his mate, Rufus. They were cared for by some kind people in a warehouse before being surrendered to K9 Friends to find forever homes. Khan is not good with other dogs at all and is looking to be the only pet in the house. He is very friendly, affectionate and playful with people. Khan loves going for walks and is a favourite with our dog walkers.



Born: 22.05.2020

Bloomer arrived from the streets with her litter of pups. She is slowly gaining confidence day by day. Bloomer is low energy and loves treats. She doesn’t play yet and needs more work on the leash. She is looking for a foster or adoption family who can guide her into home life.

Miss Marple

miss marple

Born: 26.10.2020

Beautiful Miss Marple has lived in a home previously and is almost house trained. She was surrendered as her owners had severe allergies to dogs. Miss Marple is a friendly and loving companion who loves to give kisses and play with toys. She can be picky about her dog friends. Due to her breed, she is looking for energetic owners who have experience with dogs.



Born: 25.09.2020

Farthing is very good with people and other dogs. He is very active and likes to sing. With this in mind he is looking to live in a villa with a garden, and with energetic owners who can give him the exercise he needs. At this stage he is better suited to older children as he doesn’t realise his size and may knock little ones over.



Born: 19.12.2019

Sterling is a lovely young girl, timid at first but when she gets to know you she is very friendly and loves affection. She is scared of the unpredictability of younger children and is best suited to adults and older children.



Born: 01.07.2019

After being spotted in an industrial area, Evergreen was brought to K9 with her five newborn puppies. She was a fab mum to her  three pups. Although anxious around people at the start, Evergreen is now starting to show her loving nature. She is looking for a quiet home, to build her confidence and enjoy having someone spoil and take care of her



Born: 19.12.2020

Ghost is an energetic, smart and playful puppy who loves people and dogs. She is in the process of being house-trained and knows some basic commands. She loves attention, a good cuddle, and a lot of playing. She can be destructive when bored or left alone. She needs a well-trained resident dog could give her guidance and be the play partner she needs.



Born: 16.08.2020

Corfu is a handsome young boy with super long legs and a very lean body. He is house-trained and knows commands, but he is still a puppy and has so much more to learn. His long legs make him clumsy and at times he is very energetic. Corfu is looking for experienced owners without young children as he can be protective, who can guide him through the do’s and dont’s of home life.



Born: 02.04.2020

Tintin is a young energetic bundle of joy who loves to play and will fetch toys for you over and over, however, his over-enthusiastic nature and lack of experience suggest he is not suitable for a home with young children. He is looking for experienced owners (preferably with a garden) who can give him patient guidance and routine, grow his confidence and teach him to relax and enjoy walks. Consistent training and exercise will help him to get rid of some energy and become a ‘best-buddy’ on the couch when the movie starts.



Born: 20.01.2019

Marina was very scared of the lead when she arrived, though still a little nervous, she has really improved and been out on dog walks with the public. She needs to build her confidence in a calm home – food treats will help.



Born: 26.10.2019

Tagada is a young friendly girl who already knows the basics of home-life. She enjoys the company of older children, but she is wary of young children and some men. Tagada is looking for a patient family who won’t overwhelm her and can build her confidence with life outside the shelter.



Born: 03.12.2019

Virginia was born and raised at an equestrian centre and arrived at K9 Friends with eight siblings. She is housetrained, sleeps through the night, is good with older children and plays with dogs off leash. Virginia has been in a home but she still has some manners to learn. She is a playful, energetic girl who loves people. Virginia needs leash training around other dogs and a lot of activities to stop her getting bored and chewing the furniture.


Bolt k9 friends

Born: 01.07.2020

Bolt was a little unsure of his surroundings when he arrived at the shelter but now he trusts everyone and is happy to see us. He gets excited when he sees the lead and wants to walk. He is almost housetrained. Bolt is very energetic and playful, he puppy nips when he gets excited so would be better suited to older children.


Bryan k9 friends

Born: 10.11.2018

Bryan was confused when he first arrived at the shelter, but he relaxed and learned to trust us. He is a happy bundle of energy and likes to play and give kisses. Bryan is looking for a family with older children who can play with him and take him for long walks.


Sylvester k9 friends

Born: 29.11.2018

Sylvester is a large, energetic, friendly boy. He sits for treats and loves to play with a ball. He will need some training as he can puppy nip when he gets excited. He is looking for an active home without small children as he is a bit clumsy and may knock them over.



Born: 01.10.2016

Hunter is looking for a calm, quiet and patient home as he is shy and needs time to learn to trust people. He is gentle on the lead and likes to go for walks.


Mary k9 friends

Born: 29.04.2016

Mary is a confident, playful and active girl. She is smart, obedient (when it suits her) and slightly impatient. She loves to go in the car and on walks where there are lots of things to sniff. It’s all about Mary at the kennels, she is very jealous of other dogs. We do not know how Mary behaves in a home environment, so she is looking for experienced owners who know the breed and are willing to give her a lot of positive stimulation. With plenty of exercise and attention, she will be calm and a great companion.


ice k9 friends

Born: 12.09.2018

Ice is a high energy, friendly boy. He requires some training as he can nip playfully. He is looking for an experienced owner and is not suitable for a family with young children.


Luke k9 friends

Born: 06.01.2016

This lovely boy cleverly attached himself to another family and got brought to K9 from the municipality with them. Clever chap. He can be wary of some men, but he loves ladies and if you are in his trusted circle expect lots of hugs from Luke. Luke is looking for patient and experienced owners, without cats, to guide him and help him grow in confidence. He loves to go on walks and will make a lovely companion once he settles in a home.


Twain k9 friends

Born: 03.12.2019

Twain was born and raised at an equestrian centre and arrived at K9 Friends with eight siblings. He is a well socialised, energetic pup and good with other dogs.


Amy k9 friends

Born: 02.05.2019

Amy was rescued from an industrial site with mum and ten other puppies. She is a very active dog who needs a lot of exercise. Amy is wary of strangers and would be best suited to an experienced home without children.


Marmite k9 friends

Born: 20.11.2017

Marmite has lived in a home with a family, she is housetrained and sleeps well through the night. Marmite loves to play ball, she is a sociable girl who loves to get attention from her family.


Armani k9 friends

Born: 18.07.2019

He was found at two weeks old with his mum and eight siblings in Abu Dhabi. He is a lovely, playful dog in the shelter and happy around people he knows but he gets nervous around new people and in new environments. Armani loves dogs, he has been on foster to a family with other dogs and he gained lots of confidence. A home with an existing dog could give him the assurance he needs to settle and shine.


rainbow k9 friends
Born: 14.01.2018

Rainbow was found on an industrial site with her pups in the rain. She is friendly but very timid. She is looking for a patient home who can build her confidence. She is good with other dogs, a home with a dog would help her settle in.


Hercules k9 friends

Born: 19.12.2017

Hercules is very calm natured and affectionate. Don’t be put off by his size, he really is a gentle giant. Hercules is good with the other dogs and would be happy to share a home if a family already has another dog. He will make a wonderful addition to any family.



Born: 04.10.2018

Cranberry is a confident boy in the shelter but gets worried when he leaves his safe place. He is nervous of strangers and is looking for experienced owners without children who will be patient while he learns to trust his new environment and will teach him all about living in a home. He will make a great friend once he gains his confidence.


Rachel k9 friends

Born: 06.11.2018

Rachel is fun, happy, active and full of life. She has lived in a home before and knows the basics, though she has more to learn. Bearing in mind her energy levels require an active and experienced owners. She will need rules and routine to guide her in the big wide world – as well as lots of exercises.



Born: 06.10.2017

Phasma is a loving girl who needs time to build her confidence. She loves to cuddle and chill out on the sofa. Phasma enjoys car rides and isn’t frightened to ride the elevator. She gets scared of loud noises and sudden movements and can be overwhelmed at the beginning. At this stage, Phasma is not happy when left alone. She is not destructive but does forget her house-training routine. She is looking for a calm home without children.



Born: 28.07.2017

This poor little pup born in a yard and kept in a cage. Timid and in need of lots of handling this little girl is food orientated so is willing to work hard for treats which will make her easy to train. Very lovely puppy who would appeal to the big dog lovers out there. Very sociable with other dogs, loves to snuggle with people.



Born: 03.10.2015

Sadie is a one of kind character. She is looking for a human who doesn’t get fooled by her fluffy cuteness and will help her learn some rules about the do’s and don’ts in life outside the shelter. Sadie does not like to share food, toys or her humans (and can be very clear about this). She is looking for a home without children or dogs, with a patient but strict owner to help her learn and shine.



Born: 08.04.17

Wanda is a sweet and affectionate girl at first but will get possessive over her one favorite person in no time. She needs experienced people who give her rules and routine without mothering her. Wanda is not willing to share anything, so cannot be with other dogs or children at this stage. Wanda is very smart and with the right training should be a fast learner.


Born: 14.02.2017

Hanky is a lovely quiet boy who needs to build confidence outside the shelter. The outside is a scary place with all the unknown noises and smells. He needs a calm home with experienced people who know how to guide him and give him the reassurance that all will be ok. He is a bit wary of some men, but fine with others. With time and patience, he will adjust. Hanky will make a lovely companion when he’s given the chance to shine.



Born: 14.02.2017

Looking for the human out there with the patience to sit it out for days and weeks so little Nigit can prove he can do it. He is a shy little boy who will be very scared at first, too nervous to eat, play with toys or relax in a bed… but it is just a matter of time. We know he will shine one day! He will be a lovely, relaxed companion after he comes out of his shell.



Born: 02.02.2017

This beautiful girl who shows her best cuddly and playful side first, but she gets bossy when she is comfortable in a home. Roxy needs experienced people who can set rules and a routine for her to follow. She cannot be around young children yet, Roxy needs some behavior lessons and training first, but with the right family, Roxy will flourish.



Born: 27.10.2016

Sweet and confident girl in the kennels, who loves playtime, water and belly rubs. She is a little anxious of the world outside the kennel including children. She must be the only pet in the house, she does not do well with other dogs. An experienced owner is needed to help encourage and teach her.



Born: 14.10.2013

Humbug is one of sixteen dogs rescued from a terrible situation in Al Ain. Humbug is a nervous older lady who needs time to build up some confidence. She is picky about which other dogs she likes, understandably not very fond of the bouncy youngsters. Keeping her age in mind she needs a calm home with gentle patient people, but not young children as they can overwhelm her.



Born: 17.03.2016

Ally is an affectionate and cuddly girl who is happiest in the company of women. She is confident but can become overprotective and bossy in a home environment. She is looking for an experienced female companion who can give reassurance and firm training, to help her become the perfect companion herself.



Born: 07.04.2016

Griffin is a big softy at heart. He likes to find things to sniff, travels well in the car, loves to play with a ball and enjoys a dip in the water. He is best suited to a home without other dogs and due to his size, a family with older/stronger children will be a better match. He is also the shelter’s little superstar and has given blood several times to help other dogs.



Born: 14.08.10

Polo is K9’s oldest resident (she arrived in 2014 as a pup). She is a real character and has a very strange bark. Since she’s been at K9 all her life, it will take her some time to come out of her shell (understandably). The team know there is the perfect family out there to give her a forever home.



Born: 01.11.2012

Another of K9’s longest resident, Dolly arrived at K9 Friends in 2013. Dolly is one of our favourite characters, opinionated and very affectionate. She can be sweet one minute, then naughty the next. She needs very experienced humans to help her understand the do’s and dont’s outside the shelter. She does not like strangers (mostly men) and is not suitable to be around children at this stage. After many years in the shelter, she needs guidance on how life works out there. Dolly loves to go for walks and is good on the lead. With some routine and strict rules, she will make a good companion for that one special person. She deserves the chance.



Born: 1.12.13

This gentleman loves cuddles and attention. He is not into playing with toys but loves the water and having a splash around to cool down. Understandably Pavlova is nervous of new things but does settle. If you are looking for a loyal companion Pavlova is your man. Chilling in the garden, going for nice walks and regular brushing is all he wants in life.



Born: 21.6.15

Darjeeling and her two siblings were dumped at the gate of the shelter. She is a calm girl who loves cuddles, and affection and she is good with other dogs. Darjeeling is very confident and happy, however, beyond the gate, she is very timid. She is looking for a calm patient person, in a quiet environment who can teach her the outside world is a safe place. Understandably it will take her some time to adjust to home life. If given a chance, in time, she will make a loving loyal companion.

Visit k9friends.com to learn more about the adoption process and to see the latest list of dogs up for adoption. You can also reach out to the team on 04 887 8739.