Sponsored: The former members club only opened to the public this May…

Southern Mediterranean restaurant GARTH is a genuine Dubai hidden gem. And until recently, because it existed solely as a private members’ club, you’d probably only heard of its cult status in soft whispers from those that know the city inside out.

What’s On the Menu?

Surprises such as hummus and marinated artichokes, served with a rustic scallion flatbread. There’s a reimagined beef tartar lifted by an ensemble case of capers, sun-dried tomatoes truffle sauce, and Jerusalem artichoke chips, all generously sprinkled with gruyère cheese.

For something a little higher on the audacity scale, how about the endive salad with blue cheese ice cream? Or more extravagant still, white asparagus with black caviar and champagne sauce — best accompanied with a glass of French bubbles of course.

Speaking about the gastronomic offering at GARTH, Michelin Star nominated Chef Alena Solodovichenko, the former kitchen lead at legendary Moscow restaurant Doctor Zhivago, said: “Alongside my culinary co-captain Chef Mohamed Musthafa, we have put an entirely new spin on Southern European comfort food, catapulted by our combined knowledge, diverse experiences, the tastes of our childhood and a few family secret recipes thrown in for good measure.”

“Our menu is awash with surprises, we have worked hard to create dishes that will excite the most discerning of palates with influences from Italy, Greece, and Southern France. Dubai is a city replete with fantastic restaurants, but what we offer is a truly unique dining experience. We are so excited for the public to savour the fruits of our labour.”

Desserts adventures include tiramisu; hazelnut fondant with malt ice cream; there’s a healthy gluten and refined sugar-free beetroot brownie with coconut sauce and hibiscus powder – it comes with fresh blackberries and coconut chips.

What’s in the bottles?

In-house international sommelier and wine journalist of note, Olga Bebekina has curated a nuanced and varied grape list, which when combined with extensive knowledge, allows her to please most palates and feed most moods.

Based in a secluded quarter of 9 Lounge, Kempinski Mall of Emirates this ‘neo bistro’ has been open to the public since May 2022. And if you’d like to know what’s behind those secretive doors — join us on a quick tour.

What inside?

This chic and stylish venue offers a blend of contemporary minimalism as well as more traditional design features. You’ll find mirrored walls and botanical tones, a pampas grass display, distinct cigar lounge and a white baby grand piano.

This homegrown concept was conceived and curated by OY Hospitality, with co-founder, Yuriy Blotskyy sharing the vision that drove GARTH “Concepts are driven from inner desires.’

“The desire of bringing about modern metropolitan culture code into the city I reside in. The desire of wanting to enhance my own personal life, my environment, and my everyday routine. The desire of finding the right elements, the key people to turn all of this into reality. GARTH is an expression of that vision by itself, not merely a restaurant, but rather an authentic lifestyle, the perfect place for all the in-between and after. Because with OY, nothing is random.”

The 9 Lounge, Kempinski Mall of the Emirates, Sunday – Thursday midday to midnight, Friday and Saturday midday to 2am. Tel: (58) 530 7499, @garthdubai

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