That’s the second time this year…

Global statistic database, Numbeo has published the result of its 2022 mid-year survey into the quality of life in various parts of the globe.

The survey establishes an overall value for ‘quality of life’ based on a number of qualifying factors, aspects of life that contribute to an overall sense that ‘you know what, this place is actually pretty nice’. And one of those aspects, a primary indicator of quality of life is crime, and conversely – how safe a particular city is.

Other quality of life qualifiers include the cost of living, healthcare, climate, traffic, and pollution.

How did the UAE do?

The UAE ranks highly overall for national quality of life scores — 11th out of 87 countries, making it the highest Middle Eastern nation. It placed well ahead of the USA (19), UK (20), Spain (15), Canada (22), France (29), India (48), Singapore (28), Pakistan (70) and more

The big winners when it comes to quality of life include Switzerland, the Scandanavian and Australian countries, Germany and Austria.

But when you break the data down into cities, and look at the perceived and real safety scoring, that’s the aspects of life where our urban sprawls really dominate.

Out of 453 cities where data has been supplied, Abu Dhabi comes out in the number one spot (and lowest for the perceived threat of crime). Making our capital, the least gritty city. Something all the more impressive when viewed alongside the fact that this is actually the SEVENTH consecutive time Abu Dhabi has topped the list.

And it’s not just Abu Dhabi keeping those numbers from looking rookie. Sharjah came in seventh — a whopping 312 places above London, England; and Dubai came in eighth place, just a casual 223 places ahead of Mumbai, India.

The least safe cities

Celaya in Mexico; Pretoria in South Africa; and Caracas, Venezuala make up the bottom three, with Caracas sitting at the very bottom of the pile.

Respondents of the survey were asked to rate how they feel about

  • How serious do you feel the level of crime is?
  • Change of crime level in the past three years
  • Feeling of safety walking during daylight
  • Feeling of safety walking during night
  • How worried are you of being mugged or robbed
  • Worries of having a car stolen (or things from the car)
  • Worries of being physically attacked by strangers
  • Worries of being insulted or pestered by anybody, while in the street or any other public place
  • Worries of being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
  • Problems of people using and dealing drugs
  • How much is the problem of property crime?
  • How much is the problem of violent crime?

No surprise then that Abu Dhabi ranks so consistently highly in these sorts of surveys.

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