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The Khorfakkan City Municipality has announced that there will be a new paid parking system, effective from August 15. The decision was first announced on August 4.

Where is the paid parking in action?

The prepaid parking service will be found in four popular areas of the city – Shaikh Khalid Street, Khorfakkan Corniche, Rafisa Dam area and Shees Garden.

What are the timings?

All locations mentioned above are paid from 8am to 10pm daily, except Shaikh Khalid Street, which is free on Fridays.

Is anyone exempt from paying?

The municipality has announced that Sharjah citizens aged 60 years and above will be able to use the parking spaces free of charge. In order to avail this facility, the senior citizens must submit their Emirates ID, proof of vehicle ownership and registration details, according to Abdul Aziz Al Araimi, Acting Director of Khorfakkan Municipality.

How do you make a payment?

Start by hitting ‘pay’ on one of the machines. Then choose the source of your license plate, i.e., what emirate it is from. Then review the data that is shown to you.

If everything looks good, select the time frame for which you need the parking and pay in coins or a prepaid ticket. You will then receive an e-ticket to confirm your booking.

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What are the prices?

Parking fees start at Dhs2 for an hour. It’s Dhs5 for two hours, Dhs8 for three hours and Dhs12 for five hours.

What parking violations exist?

You cannot park in a prohibited area, occupy two spots or park in the way of other drivers and pedestrians. You must also ensure you are not standing between two buildings within the scope of government regression.

For more information, visit khormun.gov.ae or @khormun. Tel: (0)9 208 3555

Images: Instagram/Archive