Pop it like it’s hot at The Smash Room…

If you’ve never been to The Smash Room then the irony of a room filled with bubble wrap may be missed on you. However, for one weekend only they are putting down the sledgehammer, axe, and crowbar. They are turning them in for much softer apparatus like pillows, foam balls and pool noodles as they unveil a new bubble wrap room experience…

The Smash Room has a new experience that will unleash an inner beast you didn’t know you had in you. Moving away from the printers, washing machines and crockery to a much… ‘softer’ experience.

@whatsondubai A little less smashing and a little more popping at @thesmashroomdxb The team has launched the ultimate bubble wrap experience (taking place Sept 2-4) #whatsondubai #thingstododubai #thesmashroomdxb #bubblewrapchallenge #mydubai ♬ vegas – favsoundds

The team have put together the ultimate bubble wrap popping experience. It’s a surprisingly cathartic feeling, having reams upon reams of bubble wrap at your disposal. Take a dive, punch a wall, or have a pillow fight with a mate.

This room is a new take on a rubber room, where expressing your feelings is perfectly acceptable. On the side of the environment, however, this isn’t the most sustainable in terms of waste, as bubble wrap is a one-and-done kind of situation.

The experience is taking place on September 2 to 4 and lasts 10 minutes where you and your friends can have it out in the wrapped room. Their resident red punching dummy will accompany you – all wrapped up, too.

Bubble Wrap room

While violence is not encouraged – it is technically a ‘non-contact sport’, but pillow fights and pool noodle battles will ensue. Go at it all alone and pay Dhs69 or go with a group of up to four mates and spend Dhs49 per person.

Although 10 minutes of popping capabilities doesn’t sound like a long time, after about three minutes, your hands will start to feel the burn from the constant twisting and squishing of the wrap.

Bookings for this experience are available here.

The Smash Room, Umm Suqeim, Street 195, Al Qouz 4, Open Mon to Thurs from 12.30pm to 10pm and Fri to Sun 12.30pm to 11pm, single price Dhs69, group tickets Dhs49, Tel: (0)4 339 7810, thesmashroom.com, @thesmashroomdxb

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