The online test will tell you whether you qualify in seconds… 

Go for gold… The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has released a new online quiz that tells users whether or not they qualify for the UAE Golden Visa.

There’s a total of 16 yes/no questions about property investment, university degree, job role, creative achievements, businesses, humanitarian work, and more.

Once completed, it not only tells you whether you are eligible but also exactly which category you should apply for.

For example, if you are a CEO in the UAE with five years’ experience and a salary of Dhs50k, you can apply for the residence entry permit for persons who are talented. Those who own property in the UAE with a minimum value of Dhs2million, can apply for the residence entry permit for real estate investors. 

Take the quiz here

What is the UAE Golden Visa?

The golden residency visa allows foreign professionals, talents, and highly-skilled workers (and their families) to continue living and working in the UAE without a sponsor. The visa is valid for 10-years and includes immediate family members and children of all ages.

Earlier this year, the UAE cabinet announced changes to the visa system, making it easier for residents to be granted a UAE golden visa, with simplified requirements and expanded talents able to apply. Public and real estate investors are covered in the expanded categories, as well as exceptional talents in fields that include art and culture, digital technology and sport. An array of scientists and professionals as well as frontline heroes are also eligible to apply.