Border force strikes are set to cause disruption in main airports including Heathrow, Birmingham, and Manchester… 

Heading home for Christmas? Those travelling to the UK between Friday, December 23 and Saturday, December 31 will be affected by the planned strikes across the country.

Border Force workers will strike for eight days over the busy festive period from December 23 at the following airports: Birmingham, Cardiff, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow (Terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5), Manchester, and Port of Newhaven.

Passengers should prepare to face longer wait times and potential disruption at border control, as well as some flight cancellations.

Military personnel and volunteers from across the UK government are being trained to meet the holiday demand while British citizens and EU nationals are encouraged to use the E-gates upon arrival.

Some flights may be cancelled

Manchester Airport said that the decision to disrupt one of the important times of year is “hugely regrettable” and warn travellers that some flight cancellations will be necessary.

While Birmingham Airport will operate their normal schedule of flights both in and out of the airport and have mitigation plans in place to minimise disruption.

As it stands, flights to and from Cardiff Airport will also be unaffected.

UAE residents travelling on the affected days should check the status of their flight and prepare for lengthy queues.

Public transport

Rail workers are on nationwide strike for the best part of December meaning people planning festive getaways leaving some stranded. Those travelling are strongly urged to avoid public transport and check train times beforehand.

The RMT rail workers are on strike December 16 to December 17, December 24 to December 27, and , January 3 to  January 4, and  January 6 to January 7. The RMT union has also introduced an overtime ban across the railway network meaning passengers should prepare for some short-term cancellations.

Check the status of your train journey here:

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