The habits we’re promising to pick up – and leave behind – in the new year…

Stop (unhealthy) snacking

I’m a serial snacker. Whether I’m hungry, bored or stressed, I turned to snacking, typically of the chocolate variety. In 2023, I can officially say I’m getting married next year, so I’m promising to say goodbye to inhaling sharing bags of Malteasers as an afternoon pick-me-up and focus on reaching my wedding weight goal. Or I’m going to try, at least. – Alice Holtham, Group Editor

Stick to a gym routine

Ok, it’s not the most original idea in January, but I really do need to get my gym routine in check. The first few weeks are the hardest, but once I get into it, I know I’ll be determined to keep it up. After a very busy 2022, my goal is to cut back on going out so much and become more disciplined to get up early and in the gym each morning. – Elise Kerr, Deputy Editor

Master pizza making

I got a pizza oven at the end of 2022, and I realise this already starting to sound like an anti-resolution. In 2023, it’s a mission: crust or bust. I’m committed to coming up with the best backyard pizza in the whole of the UAE. Unstoppable toppings, immoveable sauce, and I’m all about the base. And no pineapple. – Miles Buckeridge, Senior Online Reporter

Learn Arabic

Being born and raised here in Dubai, it’s somewhat embarrassing that I still can’t speak Arabic. So, this year I’m determined to learn the language. I’m starting with the Duolingo app, but I also plan to watch plenty of Arabic movies and YouTube videos. This is one resolution I really want to stick to. – Aarti Saundalkar, Online Reporter

Be more present

While New Year’s resolutions have become synonymous with unattainable goals and cheesy ‘new year, new me’ Instagram captions, I relish in the idea of new beginnings, opportunities, and shiny-new stationery. Of course, I have no interest in joining the gym or reinventing myself, but this year I’d like to practice being more present. At home, at work, and when I’m out and about. This means enjoying every moment without distractions, phones, or worrying about the long to-do list. – Tamara Wright, Online Reporter

Become a morning person

I have never – and I mean never – been a morning person. I remember my mum telling stories of me as a baby with my eyes wide open well-past midnight. Waking up early every morning to be in the office on time is a struggle. So as of January 1, you’ll find me trying to catch the worm. – Shelby Gee, Junior Reporter. 

Take up beach volleyball

All my previous New Year’s resolutions have been ridiculously cliche, and this year is no exception. This year, I’ve decided to start a new hobby. For months I’ve been telling my mother that I’m starting beach volleyball, but I’ve lacked the motivation. But in January, I’m determined to live up to my promise of new beginnings and become the beach volleyball athlete I know I can be. – Romy Hunt, Junior Reporter