Here are 10 things we love about Zuma’s limited-edition tasting menu…

Crab soup, spicy miso and soybeans

What’s a Japanese meal without a bowl of miso to kick things off with? Tune your tastebuds in and prime them for an evening of irreplacable Japanese flavours with a bowl of the spicy miso soup.

Sushi and Maki platter

Yes, you could mistake this for the main course, and no, it won’t be the wildest guess. Zuma puts out a colourful, flavourful platter of sushi and maki creations, with roll after roll proudly lined up and ready to be devoured.

Grilled scallops, Japanese herbs sauce and fresh black truffle

Seafood is the way, and while truffle plays its all-encompassing role in this dish, you won’t miss the Japanese herbs sauce or the soft, almost velvety bites of grilled scallops that star on your plate.

Octopus tempura with fermented chilli sauce

Seafood still is the way. Once you’ve downed the scallops, make way for the octopus tempura, and we already know seafood when fried and accompanied by Japanese flavours and spices will simply not go wrong. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself.

Salmon teriyaki and pickled cucumber

Tried these several times prior? Nine times, perhaps? Good, it’s time for an encore, because the tenth time’s a charm. The Teriyaki style of preparation has been around a long time and its simplicity and signature taste and texture make it a mainstay on menus around the world, with the technique transcending far beyond kitchens in Japan.

Asparagus with wafu sauce and sesame

When you need to take a breather, try this dish between generous portions of seafood and steak. Let it remain on the table, even if your server is busy helping you make way for more. Light, low-calorie, full of wafu flavour and your welcome dose of greens amid all the hearty Zuma indulgence you’re here for.

Black angus ribeye, sansho pepper sauce and homemade pickles

For those seeking a nice, heavy cut, this is it. You know you can’t go wrong with the Sansho pepper sauce, and in a taste native to authentic Japanese fare, soy, citrus and the like are complemented beautifully by homemade pickles.

Wagyu tataki with ponzu

Red meat lovers will not be disappointed. Hearty, yet neatly portioned slices of wagyu tataki are all the rage in Japanese cuisine, and with tastebud-teasing ponzu, flavour doesn’t leave the table for a second.

Japanese sweetcorn with Shiso butter

If you’ve ever tried an authentic, Izakaya-style serving of Japanese sweetcorn with shiso butter, your eyes are bound to skip to this item on their limited-edition menu. For those brand-new to this dish, this is nowhere as big (or basic) as what you’d get at a barbecue or fairground. Japanese seasoning and Shiso butter do their bit, and like the asparagus, this is but, a brief break amid all the excitement in a stacked spread.

Deluxe Dessert Platter

If you absolutely went to town on that glorious spread we just took you through, this is the only time you’ll regret having filled up the way you did. Zuma Abu Dhabi’s incredible deluxe dessert platter pays homage and then some, to their ten years in business in the UAE capital. Order, feast your eyes, and then your tummies. Bon appetit, Abu Dhabi.

Zuma, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, Dhs595 for two diners, until June 15. Tel: (0)2 401 5900. @zumaabudhabi

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