And it looks absolutely stunning…

The first Vibe Cafe, based in the trendy foodie district of Al Wasl, opened its doors in 2018. And it hit the circuit with real caffeinated enthusiasm, sassy pink decorations, buzzing lipstick neon art work and a menu filled with cuisine that screamed for Instagram attention. It, rather appropriately, is a whole vibe.

Next up was a licensed DIFC edition of the brand, still flying that same iconic rose-tinted colour palate — and with the mission of dazzling a new crowd, in another of the city’s most important culinary crucibles.

Colour Vibrancy

It was only ever going to be a matter of time before the Vibe Tribe moved their neon-disco stylings to the capital, and we’ve just received confirmation that Abu Dhabi will be the site of their latest endeavor, Love Vibe.

Capital Vibes

We don’t have the full details yet, we know that the opening is scheduled for some time in early 2023. We have the gorgeous renders, confirming the return of those famous pastel swathes, although this time the look feels like there’s been a deliberate up-tick in sophistication, a more mature sort of Vibe.

It must be Love

This is Love Vibe, landing in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi soon. Which puts it in the orbit of another emerging UAE scene of great gastronomy, particularly of elevated cafe culture, and we cannot wait to watch it fly.

Future Vibes

The details of the menu are still TBC and there are already some content differences between the two existing locations, but we’re confident the central themes of food that looks too good to eat, but tastes too good not to, will carry through.

Vibe Cafes have big menus that tend go hard on breakfasts with plenty of signature pastel colour splashes thrown in, the names of the dishes tend to have a punny twist and feature big selections of gourmand vegan options. You’ll also find pastas, acai bowls and tapas-esque starters that are perfect for mate date sharing. And the spicy chicken tenders are a thing of unassailable aesthetic and flavour profile beauty.

Images: Provided