You can now own a part of aviation history…

Calling all aviation fans, you can now own a piece of UAE history.

You may remember that the abandoned Ilyshun II-76, red-nosed Soviet-era cargo plane, a famed part of Umm Al Quwain’s landscape, was dismantled earlier this year, much to residents’ dismay. It has acted as a treasured local sight, sitting on the E11 near Barracuda Beach Resort for over 20 years. But you’ll be pleased to hear that parts have been crafted into 3,500 pocket size plane tags.

The Ajman-based company, Wings Craft, has created limited edition plane tags using the materials of the abandoned cargo plane, curating tokens which can be used as key chain or just a small momento for any avid collectors. Made with the original materials from this famous aircraft, your pocket sized history momento will be laser-etched with a limited edition number, aircraft make, model, tail number and spec outline. Each tag will retail at Dhs99 in the new year.

Wing’s craft is a local company, which serves to honour aviation by upcycling reclaimed aviation pieces into unique furniture, decor or gifts for you loves ones. Previously Wings Craft began making plane tags out of old Emirates A380 aircrafts, which went down a great success. However, the founder of Wings Craft, Fawaz Mohammad Ali saw the abandoned aircraft in Umm Al Quwain as a potentially special next endeavour, according to Khaleej Times.

The news of the plane’s demolition struck the UAE-born and raised founder, who had a special place in his heart for the IL-76 aircraft and wanted to commemorate its history. He bought some of the Soviet-era plane skin and upcycled it into 3,500 pocket size treasures, allowing everyone to have a ‘piece of aviation history in your pocket.’

Upcycled Umm Al Quwain Soviet plane, 3,500 air tags available, Dhs99 per piece, available 2023,