A six-course experience, aiming for zero waste…

Following on from the huge success of last year’s collaboration with famously passionate sustainable gastronomy champions — Boca (in particular, Chef Matthijs Stinnissen), W Abu Dhabi — Yas Island is circling back on the eco-friendly, minimum waste, dining extravaganza, Looped-In with some new creative partners.

The 2023 edition will take place on Tuesday, January 31, on the grounds of breezy alfresco venue, Amici Terrace. The evening’s six-course meal has been curated by the Executive Chef of W Abu Dhabi — Yas Island, Deivid Paiva, as a manifesto on how great food can go hand-in-hand with improving our green footprint.

Other contributing partners include Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Spirits — who’ll be providing support in the form of craft mixology and candles from The Gloe Company will be making sure the evening stays lit even when the light goes out. It’s a carbon thing.

One of the core reasons behind putting this elaborate dinner together and sharing it with the public, is to get more people discussing, and learning, how we can approach sustainable food practices better. Whilst still making sure the other creative aspects of cuisine are continually pushed forward.

It’s only two years old now, but aspiring towards a zero waste meal already feels like a grand tradition of the Looped In menu. The kitchen team are also passionate about sharing tips with diners, on how they can use the entirety of a given product; selecting produce that tastes great despite maybe might not look appealing; using uncommon cuts of meat; and of course buying fruit and veg that are in season.

Some of Chef Deivid’s featured dishes of the night are ripe tomato jelly, with mousse of local feta cheese; bread off–cuts tuile, topped off with a basil coulis; or the oxtail ravioli with parmesan rind cream and black truffle jus.

Amici Terrace, W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island, Tue Jan 31. Tel: (056) 616 0657, @wabudhabi

Images: Provided