Come on let your colours burst…

The skies above Abu Dhabi will once again light up in a dizzy dance of colour to celebrate the occasion of Eid Al Adha later this month.

With the announcement that Tuesday, June 27 to Friday, June 30 will be a paid holiday for the private and public sector for Eid Al Adha 2023, Abu Dhabi is gearing up for a bumper six days of celebrations.

For many, the highlight (both metaphorically and literally) of the jubilations is the constellation of fireworks displays in the capital. With that thought theatrically bursting in mind, we’ve rounded up all the confirmed (and as yet unconfirmed but likely) locations for the Eid Al Adha fireworks in Abu Dhabi.

Where to watch the Eid Al Adha fireworks in Abu Dhabi, 2023

Yas Bay

Following the epic display of pyrotechnical pageantry for Eid Al Fitr, one of Abu Dhabi’s foremost waterfront entertainment districts will be lighting up the skies once more for Eid Al Adha. There’s a full night of entertainment on the cards, and the Waterfront’s cafes, bars, and restaurants provide the perfect perch for all the sky-pyro stuff. You’ll be able to catch the massive 10-minute-long displays daily at 9pm from Wednesday June 28, to Friday, June 30.

Hudayriat Island

This Eid Al Adha, visitors to Hudayriyat Island, can enjoy a dazzling fireworks display that will illuminate the island’s spectacular landscape on Thursday June 29. Expect the show to start from 9pm.

Unconfirmed fireworks but likely

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Abu Dhabi Corniche

Ah, this grand dame of the sky disco might have a wall of tower blocks in front of it, but a) that provides plenty of awesome lofty places to view the displays from and b) those colour bursts go high, making the display visible over much of the business end of the city.

Al Ain Hazza Stadium

This free, family-friendly affair usually offers comfortable seating to catch the awe-inspiring majesty of this Garden City spectacular.

Madinat Zayed Public Park

Al Dhafra is home to some pretty cinematic landscapes, but the dunes will be given an extra neon glow this NYE with a dizzying fireworks display bursting high above the desert.

Al Marfa beach

This is the Al Dhafra area’s only developed beach, and will be the base of some stunning fireworks for this particularly family-focused time of year.

Al Mugheirah Bay

This leisure and lifestyle hub in the Al Dhafra Region will celebrate Eid Al Fitr with a spectacular firework display. Taking place at 9pm on Friday April 21, expect to watch the night sky above Khor Al Bazim light up in a multitude of colours.

South Plaza, Al Maryah Island

Al Maryah Island has also been a recent hub of waterfront whizz-bang, with the canon bursts of the Holy Month giving way to the sounds of fireworks replacing echoing through the island’s canyon of towers. There are also some truly outstanding restaurants on Al Maryah Island from which to sit and enjoy the show from.

Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental

As the name suggests, Emirates Palace does enjoy courting celebrations of Gatsby-tier exuberance. Their NYE parties were a thing of abject majesty and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this continues on to the 2023 calendar for Eid.

Saadiyat Island

Often hosted at the super sophisticated shoreline haunt of Saadiyat Beach Club, the desert island displays are typically a little more understated (being sensitive of the local wildlife) but just as elegant. We’re waiting to hear if there’ll be more of that for Eid this year.

Images: What’s On Archive