Summer together… 

As part of an initiative to increase road safety for delivery riders, Abu Dhabi has teamed up with Talabat to launch a new initiative titled Summer Together.

The campaign will see the launch of the region’s first solar-powered rest areas dedicated to all delivery drivers. Here, they will be allowed to rest and relax in between their deliveries during the summer.

What it includes


The self-sufficient solar-powered shelters are equipped with rechargeable batteries and can operate around the clock.

The shelters are locally built and decorated with graffiti art. Inside, the shelters are decked with seats, air-conditioning and are fitted with mobile recharge stations and water dispensers.

The locations also have a covered parking area for bikes, along with an air pump to check tyre pressure.


Along with rest areas, the initiative will also be relaunching mobile air-conditioned buses that are located across key rider locations in the capital. The riders will also receive a series of traffic safety training.

Abdulrahman Ali Al Shizawi, Head of the Technical Committee for Traffic Safety commented, “The implementation of such initiatives that provide a safe and comfortable work environment for delivery riders positively impacts traffic safety for road users. We encourage community members to be patient and kind when dealing with delivery riders on the roads, especially during summer.”

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The initiative’s hybrid approach combining mobile buses and stationary smart boxes for shelter is flexible as the buses can be relocated to different areas as per the concentration of riders in different places in the capital, which ensures that all delivery riders have access to rest areas to relax and recharge during summer.

The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and is one of the steps being taken by the public and private sectors to help reduce carbon footprint. These measures are in line with the UAE government’s commitment towards a green future and the COP28 conference happening in the country later in the year.

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