Dubai was hit by heavy rain showers over the weekend…

The UAE’s turbulent weather looks set to stay this week, as the National Centre of Meteorology (NCMS) forecasts more rain is on the way.

Despite the scorching summer temperatures, on Saturday August 6, rain lashed many parts of Dubai and the northern emirates. Thunder and dust storms also affected the conditions across Dubai and the wider UAE – particularly eastern areas – over the weekend.

What’s the forecast this week?

These precipitation predictions come straight from the offices of the National Centre of Meteorology, whose latest bulletin suggests that the rain will continue from Monday to Wednesday in certain parts of the UAE, according to The National. Those most likely to be affected are residents on the eastern side of the country in Sharjah and Fujairah.

There’s no current prediction that more rain is headed the way of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. According to the NCMS, we can expect highs of mid-forties and partly cloudy conditions across both cities as we head into a new week.

Summer rain, makes me feel fine

Summer rains are a relatively common event in the UAE, in that they happen most years. They often come to us viaa series of convective (from heating of water bodies) clouds, and the country can also catch the tail end of monsoons originating in India.

Quite understandably, these sorts of rains are traditionally seen as a blessing in this region.

Seed capital

And what about cloud seeding, are there opportunities here? As per the NCM, yes. The connective clouds over the last few days have been considered suitable for cloud seeding, and as such there have been ongoing cloud seeding works.

Image: Getty