Humans, AI, action…

From ChatGPT to AI-generated art and even virtual assistants (Hey, Siri) and self-driving cars, there’s no denying that we are nestled in a boom of Artificial Intelligence that we can’t really avoid. AI is slowly creeping up in the most unexpected places, and to explore its potential, Expo City Dubai is launching the region’s first Artificial Intelligence Film Festival (AIFF).

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation hub aims to explore the potential of AI technology within the filmmaking landscape and creative storytelling. The film festival will highlight the relationship between human creativity and technology in a positive light thus showcasing a ‘better together’ sort of sentiment.

A step up to further unlock and grow human creativity?

Expo City Dubai

A little research into the topic showed us that some cool movies have used AI including Avatar 2, Secret Invasion, Indiana Jones 5, Elemental and more.

Whether you’re sitting happily on the AI-joy ride, or just curious about the human-like simulation – you will learn plenty during the six-month-long festival in Dubai.

It includes innovative film screenings, panel discussions featuring some of the top AI folk in the industry and filmmakers, hands-on workshops and exhibitions showcasing the impact of AI on the future of storytelling. Can’t make it to Expo City Dubai? You will be able to check out the content on


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Calling all AI filmmakers: Have AI know-how and can create some top-quality videos? The film festival is running a competition starting September 5 until December 1, 2023 where film creators can submit their AI-created videos.

The competition is open to both professional and amateur film creators from around the world. The winning entries will be showcased at an awards ceremony in February 2024.

The requirements, categories and other important details can be found here.

Speaking on the launch of AIFF, Chief of Education and Culture of Expo City Dubai, Marjan Faraidooni stated, “AIFF will explore the relationship between creativity and technology, between human ingenuity and artificial intelligence. Recognising that AI can support the understanding, emotional depth and imagination that artists exclusively possess, it opens the door to enthusiasts who may have previously found the filmmaking industry inaccessible.”

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