It’s about to get a whole lot easier…

Dubai Airports is one of the busiest airports in the world and it has announced a number of upgrades for travellers. And it’s not just the major multi-billion dirham expansions we’re talking about.

Over the past few days, DXB has announced several new upgrades that will make it easier for passengers to get through immigration and security.

Here’s what we know.

dubai airport

During the Global Conference on Policymaking for the Future of Ports held in Dubai earlier this week a number of big upgrades were announced which is set to be a game-changer for passengers flying through Terminal 3 at DXB.

Going paperless

From November 2023, passengers going through Terminal 3 won’t require their documents at immigration or when boarding making for a seamless airport experience. This is great news since we won’t have to worry about losing important documents, or getting anxiety levels up as we fumble through our jackets or bags looking for it.

Instead, a single biometric access will be put in place – facial print. As announced by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, the project will be rolled out in partnership with Emirates Airlines. The system is being put in place after a number of trial periods were proven successful.

In an interview with Gulf News, it was claimed that the facial print can also be used by passengers to access any checkpoints, business and first-class lounges, and boarding.

The biometric is part of a wider plan for Dubai Airports to go paperless.

Security checks

The sight of the security checks at the airport is an anxiety-inducing experience. Electronics (which at this point, are almost an extension of our arms), are left out of your sight and open on a tray while you walk through the scans (hopefully, once) can make one nervous. In the chaos, you may sometimes find that you’ve left something behind.

Thankfully though, DXB is set to introduce a new smart scanner at the airport which could mean we no longer have to remove our gadgets, or any liquids from our hand luggage when passing through security.

Carry-on bags will be placed in a smart trolley which will pass through the smart scanner. The scanner will be able to detect gadgets and determine liquid sizes. Security officials will view the scans which will display if the items in the bag are acceptable or not. If it isn’t accepted, the bags will need to be opened for security to check. If all is green and go, passengers can pass on through.

The smart scans are said to reduce the number of false alarms, thus saving time for passengers and security personnel. It is set to roll out later this year, or early next year.

Images: Dubai Airports