Giving Google Maps a run for its money…

No matter how popular an attraction may be in Dubai, it can be sometimes hard to track down. Take, for instance, the Burj Khalifa. You can spot it easily in Dubai, but not all roads lead to it (even though it looks like it) and you most likely end up driving in circles around it.

To help make things easier for tourists (and let’s face it, for many residents, too) Dubai’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) has announced new road signs for tourist attractions in Dubai. This major road level-up applies not just to prominent tourist attractions, but to health facilities and transport hubs, too.

Issuance of supplementary information sign boards will now be automated, and available on the RTA website. The service operates 24/7, which means those submitting applications for permits will be able to do so at their convenience; and renew, cancel or track their request without having to visit the centres. Updates on the status of the permit will be sent via SMS and email. It’s part of Dubai’s latest steps towards digital transformation.

The process

Once applications are submitted online and the automated payment is complete, site visits will be conducted by the department for review.

In order to obtain a permit, the location must meet the outlined conditions provided in the Executive Council Resolution, which regulates the issuance of supplementary information signs on Dubai roads.

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The design, installation, maintenance, and removal of these signs must comply with the legal and technical specifications and standards given in the Executive Council’s Resolution and RTA’s Traffic Control Means Manual.

The complete process must be overseen by contractors approved or appointed by the RTA, who will provide the RTA with a post-assessment of the locations where the signs will be positioned.

The benefits

The aim of setting up such an online service is not only to make things for applicants easy, smooth and hassle-free, but also to reduce the usage of paper through the documentation process, elevate the services provided to customers, and ensure that these smart services are accessible anytime, anywhere.

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