It’s to avoid hackers gaining access to your Apple products…

A message from the UAE Cyber Security Council, shared on the official social media accounts of the Ministry of Interior in the United Arab Emirates – “strongly recommends” residents and citizens with Apple products to urgently download the most recent iOS updates, in order to stop hackers gaining control of, and obtaining sensitive information from, your devices.

The updates, which include iOS17.1 for iPhones were released on October 25, and come with a patch that boosts security settings for the various bits of hardware and software. Affected items include all models of the iPhone, the Apple Watch, iPads, Mac laptops, Apple TV, and Safari.

And it’s not just Apple products and software that’s been receiving attention from the authorities in regards to safe surfing. The Cyber Security Council also issued “a critical warning regarding high-risk vulnerabilities in the Google Chrome browser” too.

Their message was again urging users to ensure they’ve downloaded the most recent updates for the Google Chrome browser, on their various bits of tech.

Global surveys put the percentage of active internet users, operating on Chrome at slightly different levels – but almost always, as the majority-holding (usually above 60 per cent of the total market share) browser of choice.

It’s best practise to keep whatever software you might have as up-to-date as possible (Adobe has entered the chat), as these patches often come with fixes that close security loopholes, and repel new variants of virus and breaching mechanisms.

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