’tis the season…

The time has come once again. Desert pop-up season is officially here and they are, well, popping up – I apologise – all over our socials and all over the UAE. Last winter we had countless desert pop-ups to choose from across the UAE and hopefully this season will be no different. To get you started with the winter season, One Degree Cafe has just announced via their Instagram that their desert pop-up is open for business in the UAE once again.


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The Desert pop-up will be open daily from 5pm until 1am as per their socials and if you’re looking for the location, you can head over to their bio for the Google Maps pin drop, or if you’re too eager – click here.

The One Degree Cafe Winter pop-up is known for being a more traditional Arabian experience. Think camels, bedouin tents, traditional music, tanoora and fire shows as well as kid-friendly activities and more.

As far as food options go, expect sliders and fries, hot dogs, flavoured parties and of course, no One Degree Cafe lacks in the coffee department so you can expect all your favourites on the menu.

This year, Dubai residents will be happy to know that the desert pop-up is not in Ajman but rather in the Margham desert right here in Dubai. The winter cafe is a 40-minute drive from Downtown Dubai and you can easily find it by travelling down the Al Ain road (E66) as if you were travelling towards the Dubai Outlet Mall.

We aren’t entirely sure how many more desert-pop ups to expect but if this season is anything like the last we can expect quite a few, and can also guarantee that they will have your Instagram feed in tip-top shape.

One Degree Cafe, Margham, Dubai, daily 5pm to 1am. @onedegree.ae

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