Sponsored: Indulge in a four-day fest designed for the whole family…

‘Tis indeed the festive season, and HuQQabaz Dubai is all set to celebrate its second birthday with all of you from November 9 to 12. Located in the heart of sprawling, sea-facing Jumeirah, the restaurant serves up incredible Turkish eats and Mediterranean marvels, while you sip show-stopping mocktails and indulge in a myriad of exciting entertainment options that will keep the festive zeal at optimum levels throughout.

Headlining their super celebration will be lively percussion performances, a DJ spinning foot-stomping beats, an amazing, one-of-its-kind art masterclass and a delectable spread of tantalising Turkish eats for the whole family. Which reminds us, children will also have a host of exciting entertainment options to look forward to at this four-day celebratory fiesta.


Curious about their menu? So are we. HuQQabaz’s newly-updated selection will include names that are just as exciting to hear, as they are delicious to savour. Some of their updated additions include the Beetroot o’clock, a healthful salad with lovely labneh cheese, the guacamole with banana chips, their Once upon a time in Mexico taco salad, the traditional Turkish Kumru Pide and for those that want to kick off their celebrations with added kick, the JoJo feta peppers, whose mention is already firing up our appetites.


Each day of HuQQabaz’s two-year celebrations will feature a unique offering of live entertainment for you and the family to cherish. On Thursday, November 9 at 11:00pm, you can tap your feet to an electrifying drum performance, as well as enjoy the best of a groove-tastic dance show by renowned dancers in floral threads, who will be back on site the next night again at 11:00pm. On Saturday, November 11, the highlight of your entertainment options takes centre stage, as HuQQabaz brings you their live art masterclass at noon. Watch in awe as a distinguished artist creates masterpieces right in front of you, and to make matters even more interactive, every guest will be able to contribute their touch to a masterpiece.

Rounding off this incredible weekend of festivities with HuQQabaz is a special Turkish breakfast for the family on Sunday, November 12, as you tuck in to  a spread that will truly teleport you to the land of the four seas. As for your little ones, they won’t be leaving without their share of fun and frolic with a soap bubble show, challenge quests, a slime workshop and gifts that will augment their memories of this stunning celebration.

HuQQabaz Dubai, opposite Four Seasons Resort Dubai, Jumeirah road, Jumeirah 2, Dubai, open 24 hours daily. Tel: 800 47 229, @huqqabazdubai

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