The UAE was hit by plenty of rain showers over the weekend…

The UAE’s unsettled weather looks set to stay this week, as the National Centre of Meteorology (NCMS) forecasts more rain is on the way.

On Sunday, several emirates woke up to rainfall – including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Um Al Quwain. And if you were thinking about putting your umbrella away this week, you might want to hold off, as we could see more rain this week.

What’s the forecast this week?

These precipitation predictions come straight from the offices of the National Centre of Meteorology, whose latest bulletin suggests that the rain will continue from Monday to Wednesday, and possibly into Thursday.

The five-day forecast from November 6 to 10 indicates that partly cloudy to cloudy conditions from Monday through Wednesday could result in some rain. It’s most likely to affect coastal, eastern and northern areas, but could extend to inland areas on Tuesday, and western parts of the country on Wednesday.

By Thursday, it’s a fairer forecast with less chance of rain, although the NCM reports that there’s still a chance we could see connective clouds associated with rainfall over some eastern and western areas.

On Friday, the forecast is looking better, with an increase in temperatures expected.

Image: Getty