Say hello to the shop of a woman’s dreams…

There is something quite special about the relationship a woman has with her salon. A loyalty to her hairdresser or nail tech. So it always seems a little bit sacrilege when you venture into a new salon and stray from where your loyalties lie.

But it is all entirely worth it when you venture into a new salon that instantly takes you by the hand and welcomes you with a comforting and friendly embrace. Enter the gorgeous concept store and salon that is And14. Tucked away in Dubai Festival City Mall is your (and my) brand new one stop shop for all your salon and shopping needs.

Behind the beautiful concept is Sri Lankan salon owner Aniqha Deen Ismail, who with her sister (a Batik artist) and her mother (a clothing designer) have joined forces to create a truly all-encapsulating experience from start to finish. 

The facade of the store says, come on in we sell summery dresses, kaftans and beautiful batik crockery. Step in, browse around and then discover that in the back there is a treasure trove of salon experiences waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

An experience unlike any other


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I am not often one to treat myself to pampering, the furthest I’ll typically go is a trip to the hairdresser and making sure my nails are always done. So when I was invited to And14, I knew it was my self-care time to shine.

Booked in for a half-body massage and a facial massage I was ready to experience bliss. Walking from the retail section into the back, where the salon feels like entering a secret world where pampering and care are the top priority.

I’d like to be able to account for every detail of the massages, but in truth, they were so relaxing I fell asleep during both of them. What I can tell you is that after the half-body massage the tension in my neck and shoulders had dissipated. When I finished with my facial massage that was full of organic products, a ridoki roller and a gua sha – My skin had never felt more lifted and taken care of before.

Once the massaging was done, my hair was sprouting out in all sorts of directions so it only made sense for a treatment and blow-dry – yes. It’s also a hair salon. After a careful consultation regarding the current state of my hair, we decided it was best to do a repair treatment that meant I could relax in the chair with a coffee in hand for 15 minutes before it was time for the wash and blow dry.

My hair successfully beach waved, face naturally lifted and my shoulders and back relaxed – It was time for me to wander back to the front of the salon for a bit of light shopping, where I purchased the most beautiful batik ceramic water pitchers and explored the world of kaftans and summer frocks.

And14, Dubai Festival City Mall, North Side, Level 1, open Mon to Thu 10am to 10pm and Fri to Sun 10am to 11pm. Tel: (0)4 835 8160

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